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Hello. I have been researching natural birth. It's great to have adequate information on every topic. There is really no way to absolutely decide your child birth method. As I have read and heard from other mothers they all preferred been in the hospital. I really want to try a water birth at home. From what I have learned so far, water births go a long way to ease the pain and make the process bearable. Another mother actually said her first water birth was her quickest labor and childbirth experience. Another woman said she was scared of her baby drowning. lol. I figured that homely environment would put the expectant mother and father at ease. Although most home births are done by an experienced midwife, not a doctor, what if complications arise? I guess it's safe if you stay close to a hospital and it's not your first child. I look forward to sharing my experience with you. Has anyone has a home birth, water birth? What was the experience like for you? Please share, I would be reading comments.
I had a drug free water birth at my small community birthing center for my first baby and it was such a fantastic experience I did it all again for my second.
Highly recommend it!!
In my opinion it's a lovely, gentle transition from womb to world.
Hey i am here to describe you about home birth because i have a worst experience of it.I live in a town where hospital is far away of it.At night before my delivery i was feeling labour pain .I ignored it because then it was only some little jerks of i went to sleep.But during midnight i could not sleep due to increasing pain at my lower part of abdomen.It was like i will have periods.That pain was similar to that then i went to my husband and said to him i am feeling a much svere pain in think time has arrived.we should go for hospital.He immediately stood up and we went to hospital.We were at car and not covered the half path even i felt like my baby is coming outside.We turned our car and stayed at home.In home however i had tolerate much pain without any type of anesthesia.yeah! that was a worst experienceof mine.After some time i gave birth to a baby girl.It's not a right way i think because in hospitals you are safe.You are out of any kind of danger.Moreover an expert staff is there who will look after you at any time.Medicines and other paramedical staff is present there.I will prefer hospital delivery instead of home or water bath delivery. What you think ladies after reading my experience that i have explained well in my post.Need your reviews.Should i go for clinic that time?here is the link of clinic .Did i done right by turning out car towards my home?.Thank you.
Most importantly, I'd get a kick out of the chance to wish you CONGRATS! Aww, dear! You truly shouldn't feel like it. That is to say, now as you're honored! All things considered, It's not a major deal...I believe it's some sort of reaction or alleviated that...I think pregnancy additionally probably been an exceptionally focused on a thing for you. As you have a little girl now! You should be glad, I feel. It is safe to say that you are correct? I mean did you get any checkup? Be that as it may, believe me! You should be grateful! You're extremely such a fortunate lady. I seek it shows signs of improvement after you. Return to your specialist; on the off chance that anything comes up that is out of ordinary.
Hi Alisa! Hope u r fine. You r a superb girl. Its good to know that u want a natural birth at your home. I have also experienced the same method at my home and it was about 5 years ago. There was a reason for choosing this way of delivery. I was having my 8th month and I was feeling a severe pain in my lower abdomen. I was so scared as my husband was not at home and he was on his night duty. My pain got severe with the passage of time. I called my husband in office and he rushed to the home. Actually, that was a labor pain and I got much and scarier. My husband brought with him our family midwife and she tackled the situation v well. Just after few minutes, we got our baby into our hands with safe and sound. At once I was feeling v hopeless that I couldn’t deliver the baby and there was a fear of losing my baby as we were performing the activity on our own at home. But our midwife was a v experienced lady and she holds me v well. I think u must make some preparations before time and could go for the natural birth with ease. Wish a best of luck.
Heyy there!! I hope that you're doing good. Well, I must say it's a very different post. Usually, women like to go to hospitals but haha this is a very different thing here. Okay so why are you so curious about the natural birth or water birth thingy? That's right that in early times women did this by midwives etc. But today things have changed. I don't know that water baths ease the pain or not but I must say there are many risks in these natural birth processes. About a decade ago 6 out of 8 children died due to this. I must say that you should consider hospitals for your childbirth method. It's more efficient. And no matter if it causes more pain, there are no life risks in this. Moreover, no infections can happen as totally sterilized things are used.Well if you want to go for a water bath thingy, go for it but in my opinion, you should prefer a hospital. Preventing yourself from any future loss. A life is a really precious thing. And it matters even more if it's your child's life. I hope you'll a make a good decision in this regard. I wish you luck for the future.Stay happy
Hi Alissa! WOW! Congrats! I just read your whole concern...I agree there are a few advantages but, I think you shouldn't go for it for any reason...A normal labor at a maternity center would be nice for you. I think you should really think about it twice. It's also important in terms of caution, prevention and safety measures. I'd never support anything like it. I know it feels hard. But, you should really follow the normal procedure. Because that'd really be helpful for you. Stay blessed! Best of luck with it!
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