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Conception can be a stressful time.I am going to share the story of my life with you all. You may be able to improve your chances of getting pregnant by paying attention to your health and lifestyle. I had no luck for a year after i went off birth control. Then i started fertility treatments, including Clomid and intrauterine insemination. I took breaks from the treatments, but we never stopped trying to conceive or taking pregnancy tests. "The low point came every time one of my sisters, my friend, announced that she was pregnant, During that five-year period, three of my siblings conceived, and my brother's wife actually conceived twice. Surely there was an infertility issue to deal with, I thought after 21 months of trying. So I booked an appointment two months out and kept up hope that i will be able to get in sooner . Two weeks before my appointment, I had a strange physical sensation and then received a positive pregnancy test result.
Very happy to know that you are successfully able to conceive. You rightly said that the time period of infertility is very depressing when especially the couples around are becoming pregnant very easily and you are still struggling. I am very happy for you. And thanks for sharing your story here to give support and hope to the couples who are still struggling. The main thing is to not lose hope and keep trying. Else there are many options and treatments available to treat infertility. I would like to mention Surrogacy as one of them and one such good clinic is in Ukraine, sharing it with the hope it might help someone.
Hello sweetheart! I hope you're doing good. Firstly many many congratulations to you for your conceived after months of trying. Secondly, i totally admire you for sharing your story with the world. It literally needs a lot of courage to uncover your pieces in front of everyone. I'm really glad that you're giving motivation here to all those stressed women trying to conceive by sharing your own story. Yes, you're totally right. Changing lifestyle and paying more attention to health increases the risk of pregnancy. You wrote here that you didn't conceive even after trying to after you went off the birth control. Maybe birth control was the main reason for this. Pills disturb all the hormonal balances in your body by stopping the natural process. You also went through fertility treatments but I'm so glad to know that you never lost hope. Hope is the main thing, that makes things better gradually. And yes seeing others getting pregnant while you can't, puts you in an inferiority complex, but I'm happy that you got over and conceived finally. You're truly an example to all those stressed women out there. I wish you luck for the future sweetheart! Stay blessed.
Wow! I am happy for you as you conceived. I know it's just like the way you said though...I am hopeful after hearing yours. Anyway! Stay strong! TC! xx
Overall, you are a success right now and conceived already. For me, it was really a stressful life. I have been waiting for about 8 years and the conceived. Congrats!
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