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ended up laboring Lock Rss

Hi ladies?I ended up laboring all throughout the night with my husband and sister and we ended up having our doula come the next morning around 9:15 AM. She immediately started helping me with laboring in different positions. I remember I threw up a yummy smoothie at one point, but at other points of feeling nauseous, my doula would put various essential oils in front of me to help dispel nausea. Lemon essential oil was one of my favorites to dispel nausea. My doula helped me with various stretching techniques and then one of our midwives (two work together on a team) came around 10:45 AM and she started assisting me with breathing through contractions with my doula and I believe around this time I was having very strong back to back contractions. I don’t remember how long this lasted, but once we were done, they both commented that I made it through transition! I was so relieved to hear that because I thought that once you go through the transition you only have a couple more hours until the baby comes! However, after going through transition my contractions slowed down and started to get farther apart. I am not sure if it was my body that was exhausted or what, but we needed the labor to continue to progress so I needed to get into positions to help assist my body further. All throughout this laboring process, there were times when my body would need rest and fall asleep. My birthing team understood that this is often part of the normal rhythms of natural labor, and encouraged me to rest when I could, knowing that my body needed to gear up for the endurance journey ahead. It wasn’t a controlled rest, it was a totally natural experience where in between contractions my body would fall asleep briefly until the next contraction.I think my face was flush and I looked exhausted as I asked them if they thought I could do this and they both said that they knew that I could. It was such a beautiful moment and I will never forget their faces of confidence and trust and it helped me to continue on.
Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. Haha so first of all, I was kinda shocked to read your post here. You're really so brave. I mean it really needs guts to share your story with everyone you know. And you remember everything that happened that day. It was a home birth and you're describing each and everything here. My cousin also had her delivery last week but she doesn't remember anything. So yes it's kinda surprising. And yes you went through a lot of pain. I totally admit that. A woman suffers the pain of 20 broken bones during giving birth. It requires a lot of strength to do it. Well, I think it should be done at a hospital instead of your own house. But maybe had some other problems. Nvm. I'm glad that you shared this here. Women going to go through this will surely get some help. And yes, congratulations to you for it too! Take care of yourself and your baby. Much love.
Rodri doesn’t scare us. I still don’t have any experience. But my sister sometimes used to explain this situation. Especially when a mother tired of with continuous effort. I know a baby makes more efforts to come outside but it’s not as easy as we say I need a baby. everyone has the desire but no one has the stamina to bear this pain again and again. This pain leaves you on the bed with your back pain. When you get cesarean then it becomes more difficult. Aww, I can’t imagine that situation before time.
Many congratulations on your baby. So good to read your post. It reminded me of my labor. It was a tough time though. But as soon as you get to hold your baby, you forget everything. It makes you feel the luckiest person alive. I really want to relive those moments.
I hope you and your baby are in good health. Lots of love to you.
hey Rodriqezhavam!!! You have made prolong post. I read it thoroughly. Well, I also got your idea. It’s good to read your post. That’s very good that you shared your experience with us. It will help others. I don’t know what to say about your post. But the one thing that I realized is your happiness. It happens when you tell this good news to others. oh, I forget to congrats you on this happiest occasion. You will never forget the reaction of others to this happiest news. Even I was surprised to hear about this. Finally, you are conceiving. Wish you all of the good luck.
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