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Home Births & Drug Free Births


Birth Trauma Lock

I have noticed quite a few posts lately with women describing how traumatic their births were. I ...

5 replies

Thanks for your responses. I just read this article from a midwifery journal about birth trauma, and thought I would share the link ...

Crunchy Mama


So there is alot of threads at the moment about CS etc but the question I have is what is a natur...

33 replies

Can I ask why it even matters if a birth is natural, assisted, drugs, no drugs, CS?? Why does it matter at all? I have has 2 CS and ...


Reasons for choosing Homebirth Lock

When I tell people I am a homebirther, is usually fascinates them, and they ask my reasons for ma...

41 replies

Hi Ladies. Wow this is a really interesting thread. I guess people have very dfferent opinions on birth. Has anyone on here had a ba...


caesareans - excerpt and link to info on the inter Lock

[url] 15213.htm[/url] QUOTE: Babies born surgically are thr...

57 replies

ok second post.. I honestly think it doesnt matter how your baby comes out as long as he/she is healthy. You hear that so so so much...


Caesarean risks and informed decision making. Lock

I have been reading all the posts lately about caesareans being recommended to women, and am feel...

45 replies

Without c/s I wouldn't be here! and not because I could've died but my mother could've died (and nearly did) having my brother 26 ye...