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VBAC Induction????? Lock Rss

Hey everyone very new to this, but am very interested to know if it is possible to be induced after a c/s? my 1st bub is now 3 and was induced only to land in theatre when they discovered his head was stuck ( trying to watch where he was going!!) i am nearly 14 weeks with #2 and really intrigued at my options. Has anyone out there been induced for a VBAC???


I was told that I couldn't be induced with VBAC as the contractions get to strong for the scar.

I ended up going into labour and they gave me some of the induction hormones in very low quantities to try and move it along but it really didn't work very well.


I also have been told that you cannot be induced after a CS.

I went into labour naturally with DS2 but the contractions were weak and after several hours I had not even started to dilate. I was not even given the mild drugs that some women are given, I was just taken off for another emerg CS.

This time around my ob is only giving me to 39 weeks and is then going to book me in for an elective CS.

You'll just have to stick to the old fashioned methods of curries, sex and long walks to see if you can get bubs going on its own. I have heard accupuncture can help too.

Good Luck.


Megan - DS1 17/7/04, DS2 1/11/06, DS3 2/6/08

my friend has just given birth by c-section because her waters broke but her labor wasnt progressing and she was told they couldnt give her any of the labor inducing drugs because she had a previous c-section

Hey guys, Thanks all so much for your quick response!!!
I had heard that they prob wouldnt induce but then id also read a few stories about inductions after!!! So i was a little confused lol!!! Any way hope al is well and well just play it by ear and see what happens!!!

Hey there guys just thought id give you a quick update on this subject. i was a little surprised at my last drs visit whilst discussing birth option that induction was brought up.
My dr will induce but has said that it will be closely monitored and the moment i show no progress i will be taken straight for another c/s.
I was actually kinda relieved to hear this, that not only my dr will be a constant presence at the birth but he will give me an extra chance at a vbac that i didnt think was possible. i dont mind having another c/s but if i can prevent it i will, as my 2 nearly 3yr old isnt gunna understand that mums very sore hell just want to play!!!
Thanks for listening, and hope all is well with u all!!

wow im really happy for you i hope it all works out for you which im sure it will!!
I had a c sect with my first DD 5 months ago and when we have our next i really would like to try for a VBAC but as i had pre eclampsia and cholestaisis last time and had to be induced i may have to be induced again.

Can i just ask if it would have been a different outcome if you had, gotten pregnant sooner? like how soon is to soon to be induced after a c sect?


Yes you can be induced after a c-section but it depends on the hospital/doctor. Mine is inducing me at 38 weeks and i am requesting the Prostins gel as its far less strong then the drip. Hope this helps
I was induced for a VBAC. My boys are only 14 months apart too. I had the gel and drip. My Ob was happy to induce me.
Unfortunately both my labours were identical... I had the weirdest feeling of de ja vu.
Both boys were posterior and stuck. My mum had caesars too so I think it is genetic.
I had an induced vbac with my 2nd but wat i was told was they will NOT use the drip as that puts u in full blown labour they use the gel.. I had 2 lots of gel then they broke my waters and all was fine. Wen i got to baby number 5 i wanted to be induced but the specialist said it was a lil risky as that would have been my 4th baby after my ceaser. What did amuse me tho was they said that was risky but wat happens if u went into labour and were stuck on the side of the road?? Anyways with her i ended up having a ceaser.


In short, Yes you can be. Most Ob's won't as it ups the risk factor.

Huggies Mum abroad!

Hey everyone,
Hope all is well with u all.
Wow isnt this a highly debated subject!!!!!
ilovemababygurl im not sure and as you can see every dr has a different view and ideas etc.
Have we got any more sucessful vbac inductions out there i wonderr hhmmm im sure we would love to hear either side lol!!!!
Have a great day Jonesy

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