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VBAC Induction????? Lock Rss

I was induced with a very low dose drip - no gel. I laboured for nearly 18 hours but ended with another em c/s as baby was distressed. Happy to give more info if you want -pm me.


All of the research I did when planning my VBAC birth said that they don't recommend the drip or prostins gel as it can increase the risk of scar rupture but there are doctors and hospitals that will do it as my second son was an attempted VBAC and of course I went overdue and was induced. I was already 3cms dilated tho so they broke my waters and gave me 4 hours to start active labour and then the doctor came in and said "why delay the inevitable" and put me on the drip. I knew I had to be monitored throughout my labour because of the risk of scar rupture anyway so I went along with it and the labour went well with no other drugs but after 12 hours of labour and 2.5 hours of pushing I was off to theatre for another C/S. Baby number 3 is due in May and I am having an elective C/S this time cos my babies just don't come out!
Im currently 6 days over with bubs #2, planning to have a VBAC. So far, no real sign of bubs, just a lot of bh! I went to one doctor who told me that I would be induced after 10 days, and that despite having a VBAC I would still be given the Gel which, as the other posts have described, brings on very strong contractions. When I was at the hospital having my CTG, I checked with the midwives, who told me the docotor I saw was new ( I don't have a regular doctor at the clinic I attend), and that they do NOT induce with VBAC. What they will do however, is check my cervix in a couple of days. If it's soft and it looks like I'm ready, I will have my waters broken with the hope that labor will be bought on. If it's hard, and bubs looks like he may take a lot longer, they will schedule a C section.
Because I had an emergancy C section last time, I wouldn't mind a planned one- I know about the pain that comes with the surgery, and at least this time I would be awake and have DH with me in the room.
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