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Can I request an elective caesarean in a public hospital Lock Rss

I've had one son and my natural birth left me with 4th degree damage. I don't want to go through labour again due to the fact I am scared of more damage.

Can I request an elective cesarean in a public hospital

I had one doctor tell me I should have a caesarean if there is a next time, another doctor told me "I will be ok". I am concerned that I will get pregnant and go through public system to find a doctor that tells me I have to go natural.

Or am I better off getting private health insurance - I am not pregnant, and will delay doing so if this is the option as I believe you have to sign up for 12 months to get the benefits.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Yes you can.
I had quite bad tearing and damage after DS and was told if i wanted a cs next time it woudn't be a problem. If you have had 3rd or 4th degree tears at my hospital they actually offer you the choice. I have also had different doctors and midwives tell me diferent things- should have cs, will be fine with vb, will have same problems again etc but everyone has said "at the end of the day its your choice so we'll support you either way"

The only problem i have found with being public is if you see the midwife, you see the same one every appointment but if they send you to see the doc you see a different one everytime, so have to explain yourself a lot! Hopefully this week will be my last app with the doctors clinic and i can go back to my midwife.
You surely can! If your hospital tells you, that you cant, go somewhere else!! It's a medical reason, but even if there was no medical reason you should still be able to elect a c-section. Find yourself a good Obgyn smile
A friend is booked to have her elective c/s on Monday at a public hospital (KEMH - WA) and the only 'restraint' they had was it had to be done after 39 weeks. Don't know if this was something to do with her as she didn't mention anything but come Monday... a baby will be born regardless!

How about Queensland?Has anyone had any diffculity opting for a c/s there?It seems WA is easier.
I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my second currently. My daughter was 8lb 9oz and caused a 3rd degree tear. The registrar called to repair the tear stated my next birth should be done by elective episiotomy or caesarian. I was informed that i have a 2% chance of faecal incontinence now, and have had some mild change in bowel habits since.

Being a public patient again i'm worried that my request for ceasarian will be midwife has booked me to see the dr at the antenatal clinic at JHC(WA)this friday to discuss "birthing options"

Will keep you posted.
Posted by: kirko1977
I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my second currently. My daughter was 8lb 9oz and caused a 3rd degree tear. The registrar called to repair the tear stated my next birth should be done by elective episiotomy or caesarian.

Not looking to start a fight, but why oh why do DRs and the like keep perpetuating problems where there might not be any??!!!

DS2 was 8lb7oz and I only had a 1st degree tear that didn't even require stitching. Tears have absolutely nothing to do with bubs size and more to do about the stretching of the perineum during birth. They are more common in first babies and there are no ways to prevent them, but you can try and mitigate the severity. This is why pelvic floor exercises and the position you birth in are so important. I found it loads easier to deliver DS2 than DS1 who was only 7lb.

So I just wanted to put that out there..............if DRs have some crystal ball that tells them how every labour/birth they attend is going to go,then I want a look so I can go buy the winning lottery ticket. LOL

Hi, back again...
I visited the antenatal clinic to see the Dr re: birthing options post 3rd degree tear.

The Dr said with any 3rd or 4th degree tear they are very happy to go ahead with the Caesarian if i wanted to. She was very informative and provided me with some latest statistics i.e 75% of vaginal births (episiotomy or not) following 3rd degree tears will have more significant change in continence. These changes can be immediate or later in life.
She explained the risks involved with caesarian though and gave me some literature to read.
She also pointed out there are benefits and risks to both options and they are happy to do either, and to see her again at 30 weeks with my decision..
I think it's weird. I had my first baby in New Zealand and had 3rd degree tearing. My midwife here in NSW has given me the option of a cs but I don't want one. She wants me to see an ob but I don't see why I should have to pay to see someone who is going to talk to me about something I don't want! I have talked to my midwife from my first birth (as she was there when I tore)and she doesn't think I need one and I wouldn't be offered one in NZ. I'm actually feeling nervous about talking to the ob as I don't want pressure to have a cs. I have nothing against them I just would prefer not to have one unless there is a threat to my or my baby's health.


I am 33 weeks with my second and at the moment i'm deciding which way to deliver as i had 3rd degree tearing with my first. He was posteria so that didn't help. The drs are now telling me my second is quite large and a c-sect should be considered because they can't guarantee i won't tear again. Either way, they will induce me at 38 weeks due to his size. Both babies will be delivered at a public hospital and although i have private insurance, i have heard more horror stories from private hospitals than public. they (drs & midwives) don't care any less in the puiblic system. i'm still yet to decide what to do, but in the end, the most important thing is my baby comes out healthy.
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