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requests during c-section Lock Rss

Hi girls

I didn't really enjoy my c-section experience last time and was hoping to change a few things to make it a bit more enjoyable for DH and me.

1. I want the curtain pulled down when the baby is nearly out so i can pull him or her out

2. I want skin to skin contact considering baby is well enough!

3. The baby must be kept with DH and I while in recovery and not be taken back to the ward until i am. I also want to have our first feed in recovery.

What do you girls think? Has anyone had this before? Just because we have c-sections, i don't think we should be denyed the same things a mum would have during a vaginal birth!!! thats what i think anyway smile

I didn't hold or see (apart from 1 minute!) Cohen for 2 hours after birth. When i got back to the ward, my MIL and mum were holding Cohen (this was about 10pm as well!!!) I missed out on a lot of firsts with Cohen and the fact other people held him before i did upsets me even though i know it shouldnt. Trying to make the experience a lot more positive for myself and DH!
Can you request all that if you're public?

I know exactly what you mean, it's not fair that we should be denied the first few hours, its bad enough that well-wishing friends all pile in to see bubby before you are ready for them coz they want a first glimpse/hold. I think we should be entitled to 'our baby time' first!

I'm 20 weeks now and waiting for my first ob appt and I want to be first to hold/feed my baby. Also, I want my DD to see baby before anyone else gets to see, so she can have that bonding time before feeling left out or pushed out of the way for family/friends to have a look. I am going to tell everyone that we want them to wait until late afternoon/evening to allow us some time!

This baby is going to be the 'much awaited boy' for DPs family, there haven't been any born for nearly 30 years. So I can only imagine the flood of visitors coming to inspect the contents of his nappy to make sure he is a HE.

Good luck with your c-sect, hope all goes well and hope you get to have all your wishes.
You sure can! I would think it would depend on your hospital and Ob but after all, they should allow it! Im a public patient in a public/private hospital and with working in the maternity ward i saw a lot of women request similar things. I thought it was great seeing as i didn't know you could ask. Its like, they wont offer or mention it unless you do!

I think your requests are completely reasonable. Like i said before, with working in the maternity ward all i ever saw was piles of families from the elective c-section mums!!! Used to drive us all nuts cos they would be all standing around the desk making a racket lol.

I think its a good idea you want some time before you have everyone rush in. You can also tell the secretary at the maternity ward and front reception that you dont want any visitors or phone calls until a certain time! smile They will put a note on your door saying do not disturb

cant wait for monday, i am going to tell my Obs what i want, i hope he agrees!!
Hi Denae - A tip from a midwife - tell the nurse what you want not the OB as the nurse is the one who handles the baby once the safe arrival has happened. They are normally female too so more compassionate (spl?) to your feelings. But you should know all this anyways seeing as you work there!!! LOL!

I am requesting that DH gives 'grasshopper' the first bath as I was pretty peeved when Mia came in at 48 hours old all 'fresh and lovely' especially as she was a emergency c/s, weighed 2.4kg at term, DH couldn't cut the cord as she was 'whisked' (and I mean 'whisked') away and was in a humicrib for pretty much the first 48 hours.

Not long to go now...

i would definately let my 'wants' be known - mil and family holding the baby before you! that would make me so angry too - you have every right to be angry. sorry if i sound a bit mean but i want to hold my baby first and have every right to, not family members. go for it girlfriend - tell em.

Hi Denae

I was booked in for a c/section with Mackai as he was breech. I ended up going into labour the day before so they just did the section about 12 hours earlier than planned LOL!

When I had my c/section I had requested to have skin to skin straight away (provided bub was healthy) and also have bub in recovery with me. Unfortunately I wasn't given either. I got to have a cuddle for about a minute and he was all wrapped up in a blanket and then he was given to DH to take back to the ward while I waited anxiously in recovery for about an hour and a half. I was told I couldn't have him in recovery with me because a midwife needed to be there and they didn't have the available staff at the time! I also wanted DH to cut the cord but they wouldn't even let him look over the sheet! He ended up cutting it shorter after the doctor had already cut it IYKWIM??

I didn't want a million people there on the day so we kept the c/section date a secret from everybody except our parents. I was also adament that nobody except DH was to hold bub until I did. I was sure that I made my feelings known to my family.

I was a public patient in a public hospital so hopefully you can have a win on your requests. I agree - we shouldn't have to miss out on that first bonding time just because we have to have a c/s. I had trouble breastfeeding DS and I wonder if it's because I didnt get to try or get any skin to skin for almost 2 hours after he was born??

Best of luck with your requests and the birth of your bub!

Thanks Denae

I'm definately going to have a talk with my ob and the midwives about everything. And I think that is a great idea to ask the ward to hold of visitors/phone calls. I'll tell family that they will just have to wait.

DD is my whole world at the moment and it is really important to me that they have some time too like I said. Also, I have exactly the same due date with this bub as DD, the 13th december! DD was c-sect on 6th dec, so I know that they will have really close birthdays (hers falls on a saturday this year, so elective shouldn't be organised then, thank goodness as I would rather they have seperate bdays). So I'm guessing it may happen the day before and therefore we'll still be in the hossy on her bday, so I want to make this as positive an experience as I can for her.

Thanks again!

I am just about to have my second CS next week and after talking to my OB, she said to make any requests to the midewife before I go in. I had a great 1st CS, but this time I want to have skin to skin as soon as bub comes out. With Bella I waited for about 5 minutes as the pedi wanted to dry her off first, but Hubby was with her the entire time, he actually got the first hold after pedi. My first skin to skin came about 1/2 hour after birth with the first feed. My midwives have said that doctors (OB, Pedi etc) have come a long way in their thoughts and actions of CS babies and are trying to make mums and dads feel much better about the birth

hi Denae, where are you having bubs?

I am in Perth and I went to King Eddie for my c-sections.

with Noah they asked if I wanted to take him into recovery with me, I don't know if DH was allowed in there with me, but I wanted him to have bub on his own so he could bond with him, and that's what happened.

they also put down the curtain so DH could see Noah coming out. OMG wow, that was 1 yr ago yesterday. Now I'm getting all teary eyed, lol, my baby is 1 yr old now.


thanks girls. Glad none of you think im asking too much lol. I spoke to my midwife at work yesterday. She's going to mention it all to my obs when she sees him smile I see him on monday anyway but atleast she can talk to him first!

Amy, im going to Peel Health Campus in mandurah. Its a gorgeous little ward there! How did you feel when you saw Noah getting pulled out?? I bet it was amazing. I look at my c-section photos and wish i could of watched!
hi Denae, I didn't see him come out sad, only DH could, coz he stood up to see. They had to give him a quick check up before I got to see him because he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and I think they had to give him some oxygen.

If I ever do have another, I will ask to see them take bub out. I don't have any c-section photo's either, I wish I had thought of that 9 yrs ago when I had Matt.

good luck with your pregnancy, and I hope you get to have your requests:)

take care


ohhh sorry hun i read that wrong lol! DH was standing next to my Ob while the midwife held my hand lol. He was complaining that she wasnt standing close enough to take photos so he took over! He loved every minute of it smile He got to be so involved, much more then me. Obviously couldnt do much lying down with my belly open but still would of liked some bonding time too!

Thanks!!! I will let you know how i go with my Ob. He's lovely and we get along really well from working together so it should make it a bit easier to talk to him
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