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What to pack for c-sec stay Lock Rss

Hi this is my second baby but 1st c-sec just wondering what are some good things to pack for the say smile

Does it really hurt?

Its surgery, it does hurt! But not that much. I was up and about very soon after, but the first 24-48 hours can be hard. Pack some big nana undies so they can cover your wound, and ask for an abdoninal brace or band (from the physio). I used the dale brand and it was a life saver because your muscles are jelly! I started doing ab exercises on day 3 and was driving a week after I had my twins. Remember to ask for pain relief if you need it during those first 24 hours. I know I needed and extra shot of pethadine to get me through. The next day I was fine! Remember you will have a beautiful new baby at the end of it! My twins are 8 months now and I have never had any problems due to the c/s. Good luck!
I would pack some extra surfboard maternity pads - i used them over my wound under my big nanna undies - they just offered a bit of extra padding and made it a bit more comfortable for me so my clothes didnt rub against it as much - I was up after 24 hours and found the experiance not so bad (even though I had previously been terrified of having a c/sec). Dont get me wrong it hurts, but is worth it in the long run once you see your bubba! My dr was really good and did a wonderful job so I was lucky enough not to have any problems. I think the quicker you can get up and about the better though. Good luck
I definitely agree with big nanna undies and the thickest pads you can find for over your scar. Also would suggest something to read, I had a caesar with my 3rd child and spent 6 days in hospital, but was up 12 hours after birth. Am trying for a vbac this time around, but will be most unlikely given that my body has never gone into labour unassisted.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes, things like those plastic clogs are ideal as they are easy to get on and off and provide good shock absorbency for walking in afterwards.

Also if allowed at your hospital, pack either a little cushion for holding over your wound when you cough or sneeze or (sorry for this) try to fart after the c sect. If you aren't allowed to bring a cushion in, ask your nurse to bring you a hospital towel folded up and placed in a pillowcase (known as a 'teddy' in the cardiac wards)to use as a cushion, they really are helpful!

Other than that just the standard loose clothing or nightwear, earplugs (just in toiletries (avoid soap on your scar for the first couple of days) and follow doctors advice! Driving is not recommended for at least 3 weeks following a caesar, and preferably 6.

Just make sure you take it easy afterwards and don't try to do too much. Also, not sure how old your 1st bub is , but try to prepare for the fact you will not be able to lift them or anything for 6 weeks after caesar, and that they will have to be gentle with mummy.

Good Luck
Yes it hurts of course as they are cutting into layers... However every one has their pain limitations, so it may not be as bad for you as it was the last person. Take ALL pain killers offered... I got that advice and attempted to be a hero, however the pain won, so I took more of the drugs on offer! If you wear good old nanna (old and Very loose) undies with a surfboard maternity pad (there IS lots of bleeding after)and also (if not provided) a thick clear elastoplast type plastic strip bandage to put over your staples/stitches, so they don't catch onto your knickers/PJ's. (Keeps stitches dry when showering too).
I would also take a plastic bag with a few items to hang off side of hospital bed/where you can reach/especially if no one staying with you at night: Mobile phone, snack and a drink, tissues for crying(hormones), wipes to freshen up etc. You might need these during the night after c-section...
(I had c-section booked as had placenta previa, had a spinal block. Was paralysed hips down for hours after/couldn't walk til next day and was overall VERY groggy. On first night at around 3am, was by myself and my baby was screaming Bit of a horror as I could not get a nurse to come for over 45 minutes! I was at Cabrini Malvern...Private!! It distressed me IMMENSLEY!)
If you are prepared and you cannot get a nurse's attention ASAP if you need help/ with your baby etc, you can then call the hospital OR someone outside to come and assist. Also then if you are thirsty etc you can help yourself without being reliant on someone else.
Good Luck, C- Section is good option. Would do it again.
After 2 C Sections, my number one CAN'T DO WITHOUT item is Depend Disposable Undies. You can by them in any supermarket in the feminine hygeine section.
Gross I know but so SO helpful for the first day and night especially. They give lots of extra support around your scar and they are very absorbant as they are designed for incontinence. They are easily changed, because you can just tear the sides and throw away there is no need for extra bending over (painful in the first few days).
After both cesars every midwife i saw in the first 2 days commented on how practical these pants are and I can definately vouch for how much they help with scar pain and staying clean and fresh!!! A definate must for me!

All the best with meeting your little one!

Sadly, it does hurt. I had an elective booked but went into labour anyway early and man, I do not know how people do that pain! The c-section pain was far more manageable and everyone tells me I have a low pain threshold {felt like telling them to have one minute apart contractions and see how much they swear but each to their own smile}.

Pain management is an art as well as a science so speak up asap if you are in pain. I hated the super trippy drugs like tramadol and preferred to go with 6 hourly paracetomol and voltaren and deal with the bit of pain they did not cover. I kept using these 2 drugs for about 4 weeks at decreasing doses (so stock up now).

I work in 'wounds' and no way jose was my wound NOT being dressed as is current practice. I took my own dressings into theatre and hospital and insisted they use what I wanted. I did this for 4 weeks, then switched to bio oil and have had no problems with my scar or healing to date. The dressing also gave my wound support when I laughed or coughed. My Ob was cool about it because she knew what I did for a living.

Packing. Take a big packet of pads (gross but consider you have not had a period for 9 months and you can cope), comfy undies, flip flops (your feet will be swollen), your mat clothes not 'real' ones (alas, not many of us are posh spice), makeup and nice wash stuff (hospital stuff gross), some snacks (even private hospital food is average, and you will be hungry), some books (last chance you will have for a while) and don't forget your chargers for your mobile, ipod etc. And CAMERA. For baby, minimal stuff - none of mine fitted my wee man anyway.

Good luck.

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