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How many can you have? Lock Rss

This might seem like a silly question, but how many c-sections can you have?
I realise that this can be different for every woman, but I've heard conflicting stories. Someone once told me only 2, a friend's friend has had 3or 4.

I've had 2 already and am thinking of trying for a third child soon but am unsure of risks etc. My first was emergency due to bub getting stuck after a long labour that was induced and not progressing. The second was going to be vbac until the last mintute when we decided to go elective rather than risk the same thing happening again. I handled the 2nd c section much better and felt much more in control (apart from bad shakes form the drugs used and nerves from the operation itself).

Personal Opinions and past experiences with doctors and their opinions please!


I have had 4. I have a 16yo DS, a 14yo DD, a 3yo DS and a nearly 1yo DS. I had emergency for my first and elective for the other three. My first two were done under general and the last two were done with a spinal. I had a long labour with my first but he too got stuck after a long 42hours and I then had the c/s. It took me ages to recover from that one but all the rest were much better and the last one was the best I think. I had the same obgyn for all of them. I had the best pain relief with him too. I was driving and doing pretty much everything you are not meant to after about 2 weeks.

My 1st was at 41weeks, my 2nd at 39 weeks my 3rd at 38 weeks and my last at 37 weeks. I think that having electives makes it easier to prepare yourself and the family. I did feel a little sick from the spinal but I told the doctor and he adjusted it and I felt ok. I had the shakes a bit in recovery but not really that much at all, but they did have a bit of trouble bringing my temperature back up for some reason. So I was in recovery for about an hour and a half for my 4th.

My obgyn also said after the 4th one that if I was to accidentally fall pregnant again there should not be any problems. I am still a little unsure if I want to go again but I wont rule it out either.

I think that nowadays it is safer to have more than 2 but it really does depend on the person and the doctor.

Good luck and Take Care


I have just had my fifth by CS in August, I had no problems at all just low in iron and had to have a blood transfusion, which could happen with any pregnancy. I recovered just as well if not better with this one as with the others, I was she was born at 4pm, by lunchtime the next day I was up showered and walking up to the kiosk with visitors. My OB told me when I was having my 4th it was quite safe, was a bit more hesitant when I was having this one and wanted me to go to a hospital 40 mins away to have her and have my tubed done as the local hospital 5 mins away wont allow it and as I was living on my own at the time due to just having moved etc, I didnt want to be that far from my kids and had no way of them getting there to see me.
I swore at the time no way no more, but I really would love to go one more, I have a 14, 12,8 1/2 and 2 1/2 yr old and the youngest is 10 1/2 weeks.

Having a 3rd should be no problem at all, but check with your doctor just in case.

Good luck!
My mum had 5 in 7 1/2 years and was told by her ob/gyn that she could have gone another if she wanted, they just would have had to deliver it early. It depends on your dr.

My OB has told me I can have 6 (I have already had 2)
I have 3 in 3 and a half years, there was a lady having hers the same day as me last time and she was up to number 7 baby, this would be he 6th caesarean, i know a girl thats had 4 in under 4 year too
This will be my third CS. When I saw my OB he said that during delivery this time he will "check" to make sure things are good for future CS. I assume that if that aren't he will recomend a bigger gap between bubs (don't know if we want 4 anyway)
They recommend 2 years gap between CS's to give your body time to heal properly of course not a biggie if you don't wait that long but 2 years is ideal healing time.

Hi there

I'll be having my 3rd early next year. My midwife told me I could have up to 4 due to the internal scar tissue it creates which rubs against internal organs, but there's a lady on the TradeMe message board who has had 7!

My first was emergency after 18hr labour and when they opened me up they found a rare condition which gives me an extremely high risk of uterine rupture, hence with No. 2 and 3 I have to be booked in a couple of weeks prior to due date as I'm not allowed to labour.

From experience, those of my friends/family/coffee group etc that have had caesars, have had fewer problems than those that delivered 'naturally'.



I have also had 3 c-sections, after my 3rd they said i should think twice about having anymore.I would love to have another 1 my youngest is now 3yrs old but hubby doesn't want anymore kids anyway.So i think it depends on the person and the hospital because there are alot of women having 4 c-sections these days!


hi. have had three elective c-section in three and half years and my third was the best and the quickest it was great talk to your doc. beckie mum to emilie,nicole and ella -bel


with regards to scar tissue, how much does it really factor into it all? My scar feels quite hard in the area immediately under it, but the scar itself is barely noticeable.

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