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  5. at how many weeks do they do an elective c section?

at how many weeks do they do an elective c section? Lock Rss

im a little worried cos i was told its usually at 39 weeks that makes it christmas for me!!! i dont want to be in hospital over christmas. At how many weeks did they do ur elective c section?
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Hi, I had my elective c-section at 39 weeks which was the day before my DS 2nd b'day. I wasn't really given much of a choice because of operating days. Bonus was that i was only in hospital 3 nights which was a lot shorter than DS emergency c-section (8 nights).
This time hoping 4 a VBA2C but have been booked in for my due date if nothing has happened by then because ob won't induce me. If you don't mind going over, why not ask for a later date?

Hi there

My 2nd caesar was at 38.5wks. I'm due 3rd March and the hospital (different from last time) said they will meet with me early Feb to set the date.

I think nowadays they try and get you as close to 40wks as possible.


I'm due on Christmas day (not very good timing by us!), but I'm booked in for the 12th December, just after 38 weeks.

With my first I was in hopsital for 6 days, but I would think maybe less this time if the recovery is as good as my first one.

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Im due 30th dec and they have booked me in for 22nd of dec which im not very happy about but they wont do it any earlier guess I will be in for christmas unless bubba decides to come earlier

i had my 2nd csec which was elective on my due date
My elective was at 38.5 weeks. I was in 3 nights. For my first it was an emer cs and I was in 4 nights.

i have had 2 c-sections my first was 1 week b4 xmas i got out on xmas eve. both were at 38 weeks and with my next bub, my ob said he only does c-sections on mondays and he will do one week at one hospital and the next week at another. so if i couldnt have my baby at 38 weeks i would have had to wait till 40 weeks, lucky for me im getting to have my bub at 38 weeks. smile
I booked in today with my ob, he has preferred operating days and wanted to do it ten days early. But we decided to do it 3 days early which will be 26/01.
So his preference is 39 weeks but i think between 38 - 40wks is the norm.


I am having mine on the 19th December, I will be 38weeks and 3 days. The hospital offered me two dates, the 19th or 24th December, no way was I choosing the 24th I want to be home for Christmas to spend with my other two little ones.
I always thought that an elective c was always @ 38 weeks, only so that you didn't go into labour and have that risk of something happening (if you couldn't deliver naturally)


This is my second elective c-sect (first baby breech) which was done at 38 weeks. Now with my second child, I am having an elective C-sect on the 2nd Jan @ exactly 39 weeks. My Ob told me studies indicated more babies are admitted to NICU at 38 weeks than @ 39 therefore he wanted to do the c-sect at 39 weeks. How true this is I don't know...
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