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what was your length of stay in hosp after your c/s? Lock Rss

hi c/s is booked for the 13th of november.not far away just wondering if it is a complicated free delivery what would be my length of stay in hospital?
my obstrecian has said after 2 days he would definitley like to see me up and about and hopefully on my way happy with this as i have plenty of help and support waiting for me at home.for some reason i don't think this is realistic tho as i don't no anyone who has been discharged after 2 days.
what was your length of stay and would you have been ready to go home after 2 days?
DD was born on a tuesday morning, and i was home by the thursday arvo. i wasnt able to get up till wednesday, but once i got moving i was all good and ready to go home.

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

For both of mine I only stayed 3 nights. I was ready to go home after 2 though. I was also up the very next day after op.

Depends if you feel comfortable enough to want to go home, plus you also should have the magic of pain killers to help!!!!! Good luck with c-sec (mine's 2 days before yours)

C-10, T-3, D-22mths & #4 will be here on the 11/11

i had my baby monday night. went home early thursday morning. so 2 and a bit days. i was up the next day.

Hi there

With both my previous caesars I was in for 4 days/3 nights.

They tend to get you up and moving reasonably quickly as it helps promote blood flow to the incision area and aid quicker healing.

With No. 1 I was up the next morning and with No. 2 I was up later that evening, albiet slowly.

With No. 2 I was more than ready to go home as I knew what I was in for and to be honest, I was bored as hell at hospital and wanted to get home to my other little guy (he was only 14mths old). My midwife wanted me to stay and rest.

This time around (I'm having No. 3 caesar in Feb), I'll be at a different hospital and they said the norm for caesar stay is up to 5 days.


we were in for 6 days altogether but we had some issues with wieght gain.
the norm for the hospital i was at was 5days

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

I had DS late monday arfo and was up and about the next morning and home Thursday lunchtime so just under 72 hours or 3 nights in hospital.

Hi, i had DS on a saturday and went home the following tuesday coz i wanted to. i could have stayed another 2 days if i wanted to but i was fine, DS was fine so we left.

my first c-section i was in for 4 days the second i had mylittle girl on the saturday i was out sunday night all depends on how your going and the baby is doing well

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

I was in hopsital for 3 nights and went home in the afternoon. I was up and about the next day only because the midwife made me have a shower etc. I think its best you get up and about as soon as you can smile
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