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C-Section help!! Lock Rss

Hey. I've just found out that i might need to have a c-section have i have no idea what to expect.
Im petrafied of needles and freak out when i even hear the word!!
Its strange i know , but im freaking out.
Do you have to get the spinal or is there any other way that you can get it done?
Can someone please help me with the whole process!!!
Its my first baby and im only 18!
Please help!!!
Maybe you should talk to your midwife/doctor again. Question why you need a c-section, what other options are there? If you need a c-section get them to explain the process and any options until you feel more comfortable with it. Some Doctors jump straight to talking c-sections when there are other options available. let them know you're not liking the idea and that you're petrified of needles.
hey..u knw i jus had c/s wth mi lil baby boy..nd u cant imazine hw comfrtable i was feeling realy...i was same like u ..i had to cry everytime wen they did mi blood tests...hehe..nd yeh i was very scared of labor pain too..neways..i had to to be indused ndon tht day wen i was in delovery suite i heard one lady litterly crying too loud..wen i asked midwife wats tht happening ..she said thts one lady giving birth to her second child..i was like oh gosh....cant go through all this..nd yeh then doctors had to break mi waters .i knew it was nt tht bad like nt tht bad pain..but i was crying..hehe....nd yeh i had to go through c/s was sooooo fantastic really..yeh it is bit painful tht epidural thng....but yeh thts jus fr 15 mins pain thts al...after tht wen they strted c/s jus after 5 mins mi baby was wth me....i frgot everythng..nd i had high blood pressure..but rite tht send evrythng went normal..since tht day m telling evrybdy go through c/s.....gud luck.
i had a c section with my latest child and i was scared too,but u dont have to have a spinal tap,u also can get knocked out,by a drip in ya arm thats how i did it,because they couldnt get it the needle inthe right place in my back,there is no need to be scared as its quite normal to have them instead of vaginal birth,ask me any questions and i will try and help u
cheers donna
Posted by: MLUCKY
csince tht day m telling evrybdy go through c/s.....gud luck.

:smile] This is unbelieveably irresponsible. Glad you had a "good" c/s but there is nothing good about them. It is MAJOR SURGERY which carries many risks to the mother and baby and quinny76, just because a c/s has become so widely acccepted does not make it "normal", it just means that we have been convinced that this MAJOR SURGERY is not a big deal when it actually is.
I was 18 when i had my first child and had to have a caesarean because he was breech. I was scared too and i'm petrified of needles. You will be fine. I promise you that once you see bubs for the first time nothing else will matter.
You can get knocked out but i could never do it. I wanted to be awake for my babies first moments.
If you decide to have an epidural this is what will happen.
Before going to theatre a nurse will usually come and shave along your knickerline and insert the drip thing (can't remember the name, sorry) into your hand and the anethitist (i know i spelt that wrong) and surgeon should visit you. When they're ready they will take you down to theatre. Once there you will sit on the edge of the bed bent over, usually with your hands on your partners shoulders (and feel free to dig your nails in to make yourself feel better). While in this position you will feel some pushing in your back and a little sting (its only a little one i promise) when they insert the spinal. Once its done they will lay you down and insert a catheter which you won't even know they've done. They will use icepacks to check thats its worked then will start the op. You may feel a little bit of tugging if bubs is stuck. The worst part of the whole thing is waiting those few minutes to see your baby. Once bubs has been delivered you'll forget what everyone else is doing and just be so focused on your little one.
I know it all sounds pretty scary stuff but its not that bad. In fact the third time round i was sitting in the table in theatre singing while they were scrubbing in (and that was before they gave me any drugs). They probably thought i was nuts but i knew what to expect and was really relaxed about it.

Anyway, hope this helps and makes you feel a bit better about it all.

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i had to have a csection with my DD and though it was a complicated procedure for me i would do it again, im so afraid of needles my dad had to come and pin me to the bed to have all of my bloods while i was pregnant it was shocking but i knew i had to have them for bubs sake, but when i had the anesthetic it was like a little sting that lasted about 5 secs and i didnt feel the spinal at all i ended up being put under just after DD was delivered but i rather be awake so i know what was going on i was 19 when i had DD, feel free to PM me if you have any questions etc!
I Have had three c-sections and yes it was not the nice thing to do.

My first was a breech baby.
Yes you do need to have spinal block or spinal morphany that is stronger.
Go with the flow and you get through it.

You will be fine and stop stressing and cannot drive for 6weeks and cannot lift anything until after the 6weeks.


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