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Elective cs @ 23yrs old Lock Rss

23 is a young age to be thinking of doing something so drastic. As we get older and mature our thoughts and ideas are so different. I had my first DS at 25 and then had identical twin DS' at 26. We too were adament that we never wanted anymore children and given the opportuntiy I too would have opted at that time to have tubes done. Thank goodness they refused to do it as when I turned 34 and all the boys were at school and we were financially more secure we decided to go again. We now have a beautiful baby girl who is 8mths old, and this time it is so much more special. Take some time and really think about it hard, its a life changing decision.
My SIL's sister has just had her tubes tied during her C sec, she is 23 and has 5 chilren... So some places do it but some dont.. I don't think i would get it done at that age unless i had to for medical reasons in case i wanted to have a baby years down the track when my others were older.. But if thats defiantely what you want to do then chat to your Doc.. If they know that you definately want it done then they may do it.
Good luck!
I am 36, 37 in april and are expecting my 6th and I asked the doctor would they do a c section even though I have had normal deliveries before and he told me that really I should think about it because of the pain that I would suffer afterwards and I want the c section for 2 reasons 1. No more kids and want my tubes tied at the same time and 2. Because I have had previous very painful labour pains I want my last to be painless.
He then told me that I can get my tubes tied straight after I have the baby instead of going through the pain after the c section.
You really have to ask the doctor that your with and see what he says.


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