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Caesarians Lock Rss

So glad your mum has come around. I had an emergency c-section with my DS at midday 6 months ago and I had family/visitors that same afternoon and the next day and know what? Between the tiredness and the pain relief (I had a pain pump which is pretty standard - you control the pain relief - yay) I don't remember anyone being there - and my sisters said apparently I had the personality of a dead fish - more fool them for expecting a tea party I say.

Long story short hon - your body, your baby, your birth experience - do whatever you need- look at how many of us agree with you!
[Edited on 10/02/2009]

Hi there, first of all I would like to congratulate you. And absolutely not! Everybody needs to respect your wishes. you'll have just gone through major abdominal surgery. Moving will be hard enough! I think you can tell the staff to refuse visitors on your behalf. Maybe give them a call and ask them... Do they know the date of your Caesar yet? That is actually a really sensible thing to request if you ask me. you’re not saying don’t come at all, you saying please wait a day or so ....and really what is the difference between a one day old and a two day old baby ...none ..They still sleep and still look all. Get acquainted with your new baby..let your DS1 have a cuddle. Make sure you can feed properly, then let the visitors come! I am sure people will understand you and they won’t mind it. Wishing you healthy and happy baby. Keep us updated here about your progress.
Hello. How are you doing? Many Congratulations to you. I can totally understand your feelings. It's your personal matter. I want to suggest something. Before the birth of a baby, everyone is so much excited. Everyone wants to see a glimpse of a child. Newly born cute child. I think it's the right of all the aunts uncles and moreover grandparents to see the child. No doubt, parents should have a private time after the birth of the baby. What you can do is that ask lady guard or anyone that everyone will be allowed to come after 5 hours of the delivery. You should share the happiness with husband in a private hour, of course. I wish you all the best. take care. Lots of love.
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