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I've heard a rumour that the dr's will give you a mini tummy tuck with your second (or any subsequent) c section.

Is this true?

I've got the "flap" from my last pregnancy which I absolutely hate and just weighing up my options with this pregnancy. If the doctors do do a mini tummy tuck I may be swayed to have another c/s.
I have no idea if this is true. Prob not. Sounds like a great idea to me though, I'd be in as I'd love to get rid of my apron after having 2 c/s already with a possible 3rd to come!

Yeah I thought it was too good to be true ! Wishful thinking I guess.

I was overweight to start with when I was pregnant with dd and I'm so worried now that the apron is going to be hanging down past my knees by the end of this pregnancy ! lol
Ohh it would be nice! If not, I'm going to save for a tummy tuck!! I thought my apron was bad after my 1st c/s but it was alot worse after my 2nd... yuck!!
It is a bit of a worry. When I have a third c/s, I reckon my apron will be down to my knees.
I was prob 6 kgs overweight when fell pregnant 2nd time. 3 yrs later still have 6kgs to go, even now, just to get back to that point!! (Let alone ideal weight.) Ideally it would be great to lose 5 kgs before falling 3rd time!

I wonder if the mini tummy tuck i've heard rumours about is just the old scar tissue being cut out???

Anyone got any comments about that?
i have heard that having ur last child that if u ask they may do it..
im not sure exactly how they do it but was told they will take an amount of skin out..and ive heard they will only do it if ur a fair bit over weight to start with..

Sounds good!
I wonder if recovery time would be any different?
Also how would they know if you were overweight to begin with?

i would guess recovery mite b a bit more painful..but ur already going thro it for the csection whats a bit more
they go by ur booking in weight..cose that weight is usually b4 12weeks..and go by what ur BMI was at that ud have to b a fair bit over weight..

lol for once thank god I'm overweight !!!

Maybe this is just all an urban myth (it sounds too good to be true!).....anyone out there actually had it done ???
i no a few ppl who have..but i also no a few ppl that have been refused.and the ones refused were more overweight than the others..ud have to ask ur ob if they would do it..

I WISH.LOL i guess by overweight u would mean well into the category? im 70kgs now on the first day of my last trimester so yer.. im only young and would love to hav a chance of having the "young body" to match!! last time i got back to my pre-baby weight(or 2kgs over) but still looked fat bcoz of my belly flab that doesnt just dissapear after a c.s unfortunately.. but yes im thinking it is a myth. im sure u would hav to pay to get tummy tuck

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