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Hi all

Well, I got my date for the first appt with the hospital - 10 March, so when I head in there I'll find out if they can or at least what the procedure is.

I've also got a hernia so I'm wondering if they can fix that at the same time.

Here's hoping to a flatter tummy by the end of this pregnancy......dont worry, I wont be holding my breath lol !
Approx. 6 months ago I went and saw an obstitrician asking if it would be safe for me to have another baby (as my 3rd c-section was quite complicated) I was a public patient for my 3 c-sections and have decided if I go for number 4 I will go private. During the consultation he told me that if I do have another baby after the birth he ould give me a nice tummy tuck and make things nice and flat! I did not even mention it to him. I am not over weight but do have a little "apron" from my past c-sections. So yes it is possible. If I do go for # 4 I will get the tummy tuck!

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I have to wonder though, if that would only aply to private patients.

I wish they did mine, I've had 3 c/sections, and the last one 9 mths ago, they said they might take out the scar tissue and tidy things up, but they never did sadly, so I have an apron and heaps of scar tissue. This was our last baby too.

I am having my 4th c/s and have my 1st app in 3.5 weeks so I will see what obs says


It is true...but more they just trim away all the scar tissue so it's a nice clean scar. I just had my 2nd c-section and my previous scar got all infected so lots of scar tissue. I asked the doctor to clean it up for me. M husband said they took away a good centimetre from each side, so I got a mini tummy tuck!

But it is "mini"....I still have they lovely flap and i'm only 26.

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

I know this post is very old, but I'm wondering if it's something they do more routinely now? Mines is less of an apron and more of an old crinkly bag that hangs horribly.
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