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I am having an elective c section on the 18th. How long does it take until I can be moved in a wheelchair? My baby will be in the NICU so I really want to be able to move around and visit him.

At my hospital they get you up walking about 6hrs after the c section. I haven't been told anything about having a wheelchair. Maybe as soon as you're finished in recovery (which I think is about an hour or so) then they can wheel you done to see bubs.
[Edited on 11/02/2009]

After I had my DD by c section, they wheeled me down to the NICU still in the bed with nurse escort about 1.5 hrs after she was born, and then when I was stable my dh was allowed to wheel me down to NICU that afternoon and whwnever I wanted the next day. Don't worry, they will let you see bub as soon as everything is good for both you and bub.
Good luck with bub going to NICU, I hope everything goes well.

Same with me, they wheeled me in as soon as I was out of recovery to see my babies. You can see them whenever you want and yes, I required a wheelchair after my c-section that evening but the next day it's probably better to slowly walk there yourself.
Wow thats not long at all! I was told I would have to wait 24 hours to bebable to be moved via wheelchair!

I was still on the bed when they wheeled me in to see my bub in the NICU but I'd had a general anesthetic and was in la la land - unfortunately I hardly remember it.

By that night I was in a wheelchair...catheta & drips and everything and heading to the NICU on another floor to see my girl.

The next day by the afternoon they were encouraging me to get up and slowly walk down.

The nurses will want you up and about as soon as possible after the birth as it helps with your blood flow as well as your bowel movements.

Good luck & all the best with your birth on the 18th !!!

I had my baby on 24th dec and my baby was a elective c section and also ended up in nicu due to having problems breathing my partner was keeping me informed how he was , later that night my partner and midwife push my bed so I could see my baby upstairs and have a cuddle . the next day xmas day I was up walking but wasnt strong enough to walk that far so I was given a wheelchair and dh push me up there. as they wre on limited staff.
Being my second elective c- section I was more mobile this time around plus they had me on a push drip of morphine due to a spine condition I have so my pain was under great control . Have a talk to the midwife on the day they can advise you.

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