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my c section- very positive!!!! Lock Rss


I gave birth to my son almost 3 weeks ago by planned caeser; my first was a natural delivery after having a very bad birth expereince the first time around. I had to go under a general anasthetic as my back makes it impossible to insert an epi or spinal. I had a wonderful expereince, the first 24 hours was the hardest movement wise (im the biggest wimp ever, so it really isnt that bad!) I cant believe my baby has been cut out from my body as i cant see the scar or anything!!

For anyone about to have a caeser for the first time, try not to be scared, get plenty of help the first couple of weeks after the birth and all will be ok!

I wish I had of had my first baby via caeser as the two expereinces dont compare!!!!!
congrats midahs... hope all is going well... i had a c section out of necessity for me last time and i too found it fine.. i am having another one in 3 weeks... i agree the first 24hours are a bit more restricted but otherwise it is fine.. i have a non-mobile daughter this time round to continue carrying around which is a bit of a logistical mission for the first 4 weeks post op, but nothing that can't be worked around... it is good to hear of others who have had positive c-section experiences...
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