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My really really possitive ceasar story!! Lock Rss

Hi.. just have to share this with anybody stressing about having a ceasarian!

I knew i was having a ceasar as bubby was breech, i also had a huge ovarian cyst they wanted to remove at the same time.. I was booked in for Tuesday 26th May.. but bub had other plans, my water broke on Saturday morning (23rd May 09). I was told to go straight in the the delivery suite if this happened, contractions started at about 8am, and i had to wait for the ob's to arrive (i had a few doctors that had to be called in due to the complexity of the cyst as it was 22cm).

Contractions were horrible and i really admire women who can give birth naturally, i felt like i was going to die!! Although i was scared waiting and knowing i was having a ceasar that day, it was a massive releif to know the pains would end soon.

I was taken and given my epi block - at a higher dosage to normal as my additional surgery would take a while and they couldn't risk it wearing off.

All the doctors, nurses & midwives were so lovely and made me so relaxed. DH sad with me and held my hand and held a wet washer on my forehead and fed me icechips.

Brooke was born at 1.57pm at a healthy 7pound 1.

After a cuddle DH and Bub were taken away and i stayed in for my cyst removal.

Although its not nice feeling them doing everything, it wasn't as bad as i expected. The only problem was that i missed DH and bub and i was in for about a hour and just couldn't wait to get up to the ward to be with them, i didn't get up to the ward until just after 4!

I was literally up walking the next day, and i went home on Tuesday so only stayed 3 nights. Its been a week and 3 days and i feel no pain at all, i haven't even had panadol the last 4 days. Thre is no pain getting up or down out of bed or anything..

Best of luck to all those women having ceasars!! Its not as bad as you think!!

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I loved my 2 c-sections and enjoyed every moment!

I envy you for having no pain though, that must be amazing!

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile


im so happy everything went well for you! I agree with you; caesers arent anything to be scared of! I had my son 5 weeks by caeser, i went under a general as the epi doesnt work on me but it was great!!

one word of advice though; DONT do too much too soon like I have as it makes it harder to recover from (i lifted my 15 kg daughter etc, not a wise move!!) I had a breesy recovery in hospital and after, didnt feel any pain but once i started doing too much lifting etc i payed for it. Im recovering much better now. smile

Congradulations on the birth of your baby

Hi there,
I just wanted to say HUGE thank you for sharing your positive ceasar stories. I delivered naturally (or 'unnaturally' as I like to call it - smile with my first bub 8 months ago and due to the complications of this birth (distressed baby, blood sugar plummetting, episiotomy with extended extended tear which still may require additional surgery later in life - YUK!) I will be doing an elective ceasar this time around.

Yep, just found out I am pregnant again! Our welcome but big surprise.

Anyways, thank you for sharing your positive story.


thankyou for sharing your positive story, I have had 2 previous cesareans but missed out on holding my babies both time round. This time the cesarean is planned and have been very nervous as there are so many bad stories out there. So good to hear another positive one to add to the list.
thankyou and congratulations on the birth of your little one!

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