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Breech baby and elective c section Lock Rss

Hi all. I was hoping for a bit of advice if it's out there. I am currently coming to 36 weeks and my baby is breech. I have a bicornuate uterus which means she won't turn. The obst has said that I will be having a caesar at 39 weeks.

I am starting to worry that I may go into labour early as women with bicornuate uterus have been known to have premature birth.

My question is if I start to go into early labour should I go to the hospital before it advances any further? I'm not showing any signs yet so hopefully all will go as planned but you never know.

Shaylee May born 30 june 2009


If you start getting pains id most definately get to the hospital as soon as you can. Dont worry too much, as all will be ok. Make sure your bags are packed and all is ready for bub at home.
its a good idea to have some pre operative wash (you can buy at chemist) with Tricoslan ready at home, so if you do get pains its good to wash yourself with it and get to the hopsital.

I had a caeser 4 weeks ago, i have had both natural and caeser and the caeser wins hands up as my preferred delivery! the first 24 hours is the hardest movement wise, but after that you are up showering and it gets easier each day.

hope it goes well for you xx

I am having my 4th ceaser in November but with my 2nd I went into labour. Don't panic just ring the hospital and they will tell you what to do.


Thanks guys for the advice. I'm seeing the obst tomorrow and will ask him what he wants me to do. Thanks for the advice. I hadn't even thought about going into labour early for some reason. I was just thinking about having my baby at week 39 via the caesar and then a couple of days ago I started thinking oh my god what if i start going into labour before scheduled date. As usual my neurotic overworking mind went into overdrive. I am ok now I guess I just need to listen to my body and if my baby wants to come early then she will.

After doing the anti natal classes my husband thinks that I am getting off easier by needing a caesar. I think the only thing I am worred about if the recovery but I am focussed and hoping i feel good.

Thanks for the advice.

mel c xx

Shaylee May born 30 june 2009

Good luck, soon you'll be meeting your little bubba smile

My DD was breech since about 30 weeks and I was booked in for a c-section a few days before she was due.

When I was about 37 weeks I had a fall and I was told to go straight into the hospital if I had any labour signs.

My waters broke at 38 weeks and we rang the birth suite and they said to come straight in, and 2 1/2 hours after my waters breaking I had my little girl in my arms smile

Just ring the hospital and they'll let you know what to do smile
Same same! My DS was breech and I was booked in for my c/s 2 days after my due date!! I went into labour the day before my scheduled surgery.

I just rang the hospital, went in there and they just did the c/s as soon as a theatre was available.

Dont stress about it - this would happen all the time and the hospital will let you know what to do!

Best of luck for bubs birth!

Winterbabydue- I had the exact same thing with DD#1! I had NEVER even heard of a bicornuate uterus before! Did you find it easy to get any information on it, as all I could find out was the risk of premature birth. We made it to 39 weeks (I think she would have stayed in there for another few weeks if she hadn't been pulled out!) So try not to worry. Go straight to the hospital if you feel as though you go into labour and they will perform the CS.
Good luck! And hubby will soon change his mind about you having getting out of it the easy way!

Pinky, Princess and Pickle
[Edited on 12/06/2009]

DD #1 -19/05/2008, DD #2 - 28/12/2009

Thanks pinky. I never heard of it either. I looked it up and also found the risk of premature birth. I was reading stories that some bubs born as early as 24 weeks. My dr says he wanted to do caesar at 39 weeks also but since my appt last tuesday my blood pressure has gone up and my weight and I had u/s today and i have a lot of fluid around baby. I think my princess will be born in next week or two anyway. I will go close to time. Im almost relieved that she may be with me early, just not too early. I will get my uterus checked properly after baby is born so they can see how pronounced the obstruction is. Anyway looks like i will be meeting my baby very soon.

mel c xx

Shaylee May born 30 june 2009

Hi Mel!

Firstly HOW exciting!!! Your bub is going to be here SO soon!!!!!! Congrats and good luck with everything smile

I had a similar situation, although I don't think my uterus was the same. DD was breech from around the 30 week mark, and they asked if I wanted to attempt a turn and I said no way.

My c/s was booked for 39 weeks, and around 37.5 weeks I started to get a lot of pain in one side. I called the hospital and they told me to come straight in. So we went in, and I was hooked up to the monitor and it showed I was having a lot of braxton hicks contractions (I panicked as I was also told NOT to go into labour as much as I could manage it), and they monitored me over night. It turned out that the braxton hicks weren't what was causing the pain, DD was actually pushing hard against my kidney and it was causing pain in my right side at the back.

Anyway, basically what I'm trying to say is it doesn't matter how unsure you are - if you feel anything, don't hesitate to contact the hospital, that's what the midwives are there for...and if you aren't satisfied with their response, go's your body you know what's best smile

Can't wait to hear how it all goes xo

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

I too have a bicornuate uterus and was booked for an c section on 6/8, but at 33 weeks and breech on the 27/6/09 our little girl decided she wouldn't wait any longer. I started having contractions at 28 weeks, and put on medication to stop them. And five weeks later the contractions started again and they couldn't stop them. So my suggestion to you is if you go into early labour the only place to be is hospital.

Kylie, mummy to Daniel 21.1.06 & Briana 27.6.09

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