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EVC V C-Section Lock Rss

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with my 4th child.
My baby is in a breech positon i am having a pre-assesment this Monday and they want to do a EVC..... BUT i have been reading many stories on the internet about the risks involed, i am hoping other woman can give me advice.. im more pushing towards a c-section as i dont like the risks involed with the EVC, who has personal gone though with a EVC or opted to go with a c-section, Any advice muchly needed, I only want whats best for my baby.
I had my son by c-section as he was breech at 38 weeks and 3 days. My son did not move from this position from 28 weeks. I asked my obstetrician what my options were and he said that he wouldn't do an EVC as often the babies turn straight back. I have also heard that it can be quite painful. Are you going private or public? I was private so they were happy to do a c-section and my Ob said that was the safest option anyway. Didn't worry me having a c-section as long as we were both safe.

Goodluck, let us know how you go
I felt that the ECV was too risky and I'd had 2 m/c so just wanted my DD out whichever way I could to make sure she was healthy and happy. She'd been breech from about 30 weeks.
I havent been in your position, but from what ive heard a caeser is the safest option. Dont worry about a caeser as its not as bad as lots of ppl make out. Get as much help with looking after your other children and dont lift anything heavier than your baby for the first 6 weeks.

best of luck!
I had the EVC today which failed as they couldnt turn her right around into my pelvis, within 5-10 minutes she turned back in breech position, any one going to have this i recommened not it was very painful, i nearly had made my mind up not to have this done but thought i'd try as the doctor said she was in a good position to turn, well it didnt work so i have been booked for a c section nexted tuesday 23 june
Goodluck next week I'm sure it will all go well. Make sure you get lots of help as you wont be able to clean, do housework, drive or hang washing etc for at least 6 weeks. You cant lift anything heavier than your baby either. The good thing though is when you dont have to do all the other household jobs you can focus all your time on your new baby.
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