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Scared - what if spinal block doesn't work Lock Rss

I'm having my second c-section in a months time and I can't help thinking and worrying about the spinal block not working. When I had my first c-section I felt some tugging and pulling during the procedure which i've been told is normal but i also started feeling pain, stinging pain. But before i decided to say anything the baby was out. I'm just very paranoid now that they are going to start on the procedure and the anaesthetic hasn't kicked in yet.

Does anyone else have this kind of worry? What are the chances of this happening? Am I being silly and worrying for nothing? I trust my doctor and I feel confident about everything else, it's just the operation...
I was really worried with my second c-section as it was an epidural because I had been in labour before. I keep asking the aneathetist to rub the ice over my tummy cause i was so paranoid that i would feel them cutting me. Just make sure you explain your concern to the aneathetist and they will make sure it's all fine before starting.

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Thats something that i was very worried about..
Tell you dr that your worried about it and he'll check for you.. I was told that the dr would double check that i didn't have feeling before he would start cutting. About 5 mins later i asked if he was going to check only to be told that he'd checked and they were already getting the baby out! LOL.. so i obviously didnt' feel anything!
But talk to your dr or anaesthetic (sp?) and they will be able to help you.
I wouldnt be too worried about it, Im sure all Dr's check first before doing any cutting. My anethitist did the ice test all the way from my legs to breasts to make sure i couldnt feel anything.
I had my 2nd bub by c section, and the spinal/epi didnt work so they knoocked me out. It was inserted yet i could still get up and walk lol so I went to sleep (was GREAT!) i was terrified of the same thing, my first baby it didnt work during natural birth so i was prepared for that this time. Express your concerns with your aneithatist and ob and all will be ok xx
i have my first c-section in a week and a bit i hadn't thought of that but now that i have ohhhh crap....its my second child first i went natural and im thinking if they cut into me it couldnt have hurt as bad as having my son with all the problems we had then..

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