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C-Sec after 2 normal births, due to low-lying placenta Lock Rss

Would appreciate some feedback re c-sections. Have just found out i have a low-lying placenta which means very likely will have c-sec for my third birth. I am 32+ weeks at the moment, and was already looking at a likely early birth (every day is a bonus right now), so could be admitted at any time. Just can't get my head around everything and am completely emotional about it. I have a wonderful husband and his parents are incredibly supportive and involved, so am feeling totally guilty at the thoughts and fear running through me right now. We're all meant to be super-mums, right? I am at the polar opposite end of the spectrum at the moment. Would love some positive advice and reassurance from those who have experienced this.
I haven't had any personal experience with low-lying placenta but I do know that most women's placenta moves out of the way by the time she is full term. I think most OBs like the placenta to be around 20mm from the cervix, but I know that this can vary from OB to OB depending on their comfort level and what they personally consider 'risk'. You obviously would need to weigh up the risks of abdominal surgery with the risks of vaginal delivery with a lower lying placenta. Do you know how far yours is from your cervix? Would you consider another opinion? Obviously, pre-term labour is a factor to consider for you but if you make it to full term then there is a lot of time between 32 weeks and 40 weeks for your placenta to move. Have you considered homeopathics, oesteopathy, chiropractic or alike to support your body during this time?
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