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c-section stitches Lock Rss

hi, i had my baby girl 2 weeks ago & no one has told me when my stitches will be coming out, are they dissolvable?

They would normally be removed on discharge from hospital. Did they use only stitches or a combo of staples and stitches??
Mine dissolved over time; they cut the ends so they werent long on discharge, otherwise i never had stitches removed.

if u havent heard anything there dissdolvable, the hospital didnt tell me either and i went to my gp and ahe looked and mine were they woulda arrangeda appointment to remove them otherwise
I had staples with both my c/s and they were taken out at home on day 5.
Hi hoola-hoop

No need to worry, stitches are dissolvable.

Can i ask if your doctor put ant type of tape over them. Some doctors do and some dont. When i have my c-section in Sept im going to ask my doctor to glue me instead.
Hi There!

Mine were dissolvable, and i had clear tape over the top, and i noticed when the stitches had actually dissolved (the tape then keeps everything in place, so to speak, until it is ready to come off.

If you're unsure perhaps give your OBGYN a call, or even the hospital and ask them to point you in the right direction. It'll at least put your mind at ease.

All the best xo

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

Hi. When i had my DS by c-section (as he was breach) my dr used the glue. It was fantastic. Healed really quickly no worrying about having to get anything removed.
Hi, good to hear that you had your little girl, congratulations, what date was she born? I had Ethan on the 14th so ended up being 8 days over due, hope everything is going well and you are getting some rest. Stitches could be dissolvable, best to check with your midwife.
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