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4th C-Section and Worried Lock Rss

hello all just wanted to post a thread as i am nervous,scared and worried about a fourth c-section.We just found out i am pregnant again not sure how far along as it wasn't planned i have ultrasound this week. I know its probably early days but i am concerned about having another csection.Does any one have any advice to help put my mind at ease??????


I to have just found out im having baby #4 mine planned this will be #4 c/sect for me as well i spoke to my ob after having my 3rd,about having the 4th she didnt seem to have any worries about it this will be our last but i understand your concern i myself are quite concerned & this was planned for us
Hi There,
I too am about to have my 4th c-section in a couple of weeks. When I had my 3rd child the operation got quite complicated and they had to call a senior dr in to preform the operation (i was a public patient). Prior to falling pregnant this time I made an appointment with a ob/gyn that i felt i was happy with and asked his opion on weather it would be safe to have another baby. after he when through all my files and did an examination of me he said that I would be fine to have another c-section. The more c-sections you have the more "risky" they get. But if all your other three c-sections where hassel free I doubt there will be any complications with this one.
Best of luck.

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iam also expecting my 4th csection in july and have been told this has to be it , there isnt much i can say to put ur mind at ease , i think we are all feeling like this lol , just think of the beautiful baby at the end of it all
hi, I had my 4th c-section nearly 3 yrs ago smile I had the same feelings and was scared, but as with any c-section there are risks, my 1st 2 were emergencies and the 2nd 2 were elective, I recovered well from all of them and had no complications or infections during or after.I found out that with my 3rd the scar was quite thin, this did concern me during my 4th pregnancy, and bub was delivered at 39 weeks .

I have been wanting to have another baby, a little girl this time, Having 4 boys I'm quite out numbered at the moment lolol. but before i do that i will have to see the doc and discuss things and get a check up to see if i can. anyways, good luck with no 4 ladies smile

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