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2nd c-section - Torn Uterus Lock Rss

Has anyone had, or does anyone know of anyone having a torn uterus during c-section. I had my second son in October and my 2nd c-section and during the section my uterus tore. At the time the Dr performing the section suggested I have no more children due to my uterus healing very thin from my 1st section and will tear again making it unrepairable. This is was not my regular Dr. When "my" Dr returned from holidays I booked my 6 wk check-up and asked him everything. He advised that the Dr who performed the section panic'd and he has never had uterus tear he couldn't repair. He said having another baby has it's risks of a ruptured uterus during pregnancy and resulting in loss of the baby and may tear again during birth which "could" result in removal of the uterus, but it's a small % of risk. Anyone else have any advice or knowledge on the subject?
i was told after my 3rd c/s that my uterus was paper thin and that i shouldnt fall pregnant again, here i am 8 months later and 24 weeks pregnant....not planned, anyway i have had many scans and appointments and they dont think there will be a problem SO LONG as i am being watched VERY CLOSELY, i will have another uterine thickness scan at the fetal medicne unit at the canberra hospital at 32 weeks, and go from there.

i keep a list of questions to ask on my fridge and take that with me to every appointment so i dont forget to ask anything...

my OB told me that the area that is the thinnest doesnt start really stretching until the the 3rd trimester.

i have also been told a 4th c/s is unavoidable but i dont care... i was told the biggest risk is actual labour and the contractions, therefore they want to know whenever i am starting to get "niggles".

Dont know if this is any help to you but good luck...

Thanks, I was hopeing to get some advice from someone who's uterus has already torn, like mine, and I hope to god yours stays in tack during the pregnancy & c/s. My biggest worry is that come the 3rd trimester, what happens if the worst happens, and I'm so sorry to bring all this up when this is the last thing you need to be thinking about. I'm basically worried that I go through with the pregnancy (which will be an IVF baby as were the other 2) and then put uncessary risk to me and my baby, do you know the % rate of anything bad happening to women with thin or previously torn uterus'? I do appreciate having someone to chat with about this. Deciding to have another baby is always hard, makes it harder if there are added risks
Hi there,

In a woman that has had previous c-sect's there is about a 4-5% chance of uterine rupture during labour. Not sure about the figures on previous uterine rupture. My medical background tells me tho, that it will def be a higher % as there is another area of weakness where the uterus had to be repaired apart from the first 2 c-sect.(sorry) But i did just want to say as I have had this conversation recently with my gynae (and my intention is not to cause nebody concern) is that uterine rupture can also be fatal to the mother not only the child. If it were me I would be asking for my c-sect to be done as early as poss without risk to the baby , if you are sure of dates then it is quite safe to deliver at 35 weeks. You would just have a smaller baby.

My best advice to your gynae. Like the other lady said take a list of what you want to ask so you dont forget nething.

goodluck with the future

Hi, I have had a torn uterus but not during a c section. I had an emergency c section with my first daughter and when I fell pregnant with my second daughter , there were complications and she died at 24 weeks gestation. The drs induced my to give birth to her naturally (VBAC) and due to the drs inducing me that is when my uterus tore, it tore where my previous c section scar is, so then i had to go for an emergency c section so that they could deliver her and repair my uterus. I am now pregnant again with my third and have been told that I am under no circumstances to give birth naturally I must have a c section. Due to the fact that i lost my daughter and that my uterus teared i am being closely monitered this time and everything is going great so far

I have no experience with a torn uterus, but just noticed some inaccurate info on this thread and you sound like you're already stressed and worried about this, it's important to have correct info to weigh up your options.
The rate of rupture after a c/s is less than 1% (the risks associated with a c/s are higher than this)
The result of delivering a baby at 35 weeks is not just a smaller baby. Premature babies are more at risk for;
breathing difficulties
increased chance of being admitted to scn
difficulty breastfeeding
Your doctor did mention that the % of risk in your case was small, does that not reassure you? I would think all the information on the previous repair would be in your notes, perhaps you would feel better after a second opinion?

I had an emergency c-section January 09 (2nd emergency c-section) and my uterus also tore on the right side.. Im assuming it was a big tear as I had to have a drainage bag attached to me for 4 days and came so very close to having a blood transfusion... After bub was born and at my post check ups not once have I been told any of the information you have, so now I am concerned about if we want a 3rd child, I wonder if I am able to!! Even 12 months on I a still get pain in the exact spot I tore, getting that checked out this week... Let me know if you have any new info smile Good luck

No personal experience, but this looks like a good read. There's lots of stats there, and it might take a while to 'digest' the information but it looks to be really comprehensive on the subject of uterine rupture.

wow what a read....

Wow, thanks everyone for the feed back... I know my Dr said with every pregnancy there are risks, and with every birth, natural or other, there are risks...I guess in my case I have the risks of IVF, then pregnancy risks, then normal C-section risks and then added on top of those are the risks associated with a torn uterus...and I know people say it's a small risk, but when you add it all up the % of something bad happening increases, it's just a little scary,...going through IVF your told there's a % good and bad for everything, one of them was Ovarian hyperstimulation (sorry about spelling), only a 2% chance that a woman would get it, and guess what, I was part of that 2% so when someone says to me there's only a 2 or 3 % chance of this or that, I take that very's easier than you think to part of that low %. I guess I need to just, as someone said, maybe get some more professional opinions, I've had 2 Dr's tell me something different, 1st Dr, the one performing the C-s telling me it's all over and the 2nd Dr saying there's just a small risk of losing your baby and uterus... Again, I do appreicate just being able to get this all of my chest to make room for some sensible thinking....Good luck to those who have already fallen.... my prayers are with you
Posted by: overtiredmummy
wow what a read....

Even I haven't read the whole thing yet. LOL I've never seen anything like it, and I LOVE to research stuff about pregnancy/labour birth. It looks really in depth though, which is something that you don't tend to's usually a synopsis or a sum up of what the 'risks' are without really showing some of the common variables.

I bookmarked it so I can read it later.

hi uj
i just thought i would update you on what my drs have told me. due to my uterus tearing in my 2nd pregnancy and now pregnant again my dr has told me that he will be admitting me to hospital at 28 weeks ( i am currently 27 weeks) and will be delivering bub no later than 34 weeks. I am being admitted just as a precaution so that the dr and nurses can keep a close eye on me/my scar. I asked him if i could stay out longer and he said no way as braxton hicks contractions usually start/get stronger around/after 28 weeks and they can cause the uterus to tear again which we dont want to happen. i hope this helps
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