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2nd c-section - Torn Uterus Lock Rss

Has anyone had, or does anyone know of anyone having a torn uterus during c-section. I had my second son in October and my 2nd c-section and during the section my uterus tore. At the time the Dr performing the section suggested I have no more children due to my uterus healing very thin from my 1st section and will tear again making it unrepairable. This is was not my regular Dr. When "my" Dr returned from holidays I booked my 6 wk check-up and asked him everything. He advised that the Dr who performed the section panic'd and he has never had uterus tear he couldn't repair. He said having another baby has it's risks of a ruptured uterus during pregnancy and resulting in loss of the baby and may tear again during birth which "could" result in removal of the uterus, but it's a small % of risk. Anyone else have any advice or knowledge on the subject?

If you weren't to have any more babies they would have taken out your uterus then and there.
When I had my 2nd C/S the surgeon said it would be advisable for me not to have more babies but she wasn't saying not to. She said that if I were to have another I would need my uterus removed at that C/S. I have spoken with a dr about this and she said that I shouldn't count on the partial hysterectomy as they decide in surgery whether the uterus is stitchable or not. So you never really know until your there.
The Dr also told me that I should go to the hospital if I felt any pains that weren't normal cramping and stretching that you usually feel during pregnancy because with every pregnancy there is a risk of rupture but it is a small risk.
The Dr also told me that if I don't have a partial hysterectomy that it is good for your uterus/scar to wait 12 months between a birth and the next conception as that gives it time to heal properly and strengthen.

I was also informed that there is no evidence to support taking a baby out of the womb before 38 weeks and there was no way she would book me in before then because it would just be a waste of time having the baby in the nursery when it could still be inside the womb developing.

Hi, I have had a torn uterus but not during a c section. I had an emergency c section with my first daughter and when I fell pregnant with my second daughter , there were complications and she died at 24 weeks gestation. The drs induced my to give birth to her naturally (VBAC) and due to the drs inducing me that is when my uterus tore, it tore where my previous c section scar is, so then i had to go for an emergency c section so that they could deliver her and repair my uterus. I am now pregnant again with my third and have been told that I am under no circumstances to give birth naturally I must have a c section. Due to the fact that i lost my daughter and that my uterus teared i am being closely monitered this time and everything is going great so far

I know 'invisible_majik666' would be in hospital by know going by her last post and my prayers are with you, but it goes to show that each person is different and every Dr has a different opinion, from my research and forum talking it appears that depending on the Dr depends on their experience in the matter, as I said originally, the Dr that performed my 2nd c/s said no more no way and his exact words were don't come to me if your pregnant next woudn't want to even try to repair me after, not the most reassuring Dr, but he wasn't my normal Dr who performed my 1st c/s and his opinion was small risk but don't not fall because of it, he was comfortable with me falling again and having another c/s, yes the risks are confirmed to be, 3% loss of baby 3rd trimester, due to a 3% risk of uterus rupture (just from stretching, not even from braxton hicks) and in return complications with me due to heavy loss of blood and so forth, he wouldn't give me the % of that risk, but he again confirmed that he had never in his over 30yrs experience not been able to repair a uterus after a tear, he has never lost a baby due to a tear or ever lost a life on the table. reassuring yes i trust him with the birth but he's not in control of the risks during pregnancy. UUmmmm still a bit of time to keep thinking, lucky for me my last baby will wait on ice for me to decide, but with every yr i wait, my chances & % of success through IVF lesson...I feel alot of pressure to make the right decision, there are alot of what ifs, even if they a small what ifs
hi i just happened upon this thread after searching for my own interest, i have had 2 emergency sections and on my 2nd my son was stuck - when they delivered him they told me that they had torn my uterus in 3 places, i was devastated and wondered if anyone had the same experience and if anyone had gone on to have more children. hope all is well with baby (i see last post was 3 years ago)
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