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Hello I had an emergency c-section after being in labour for 12 hours and only being 1/2 cm dialated and my DD still hadnt engadged.
I was wondering If any of you have had a natural birth after a c-section or even heard of someone.
Thankyou in advance

There's lots of vbac stories around. I think there may be a vbac sticky in the Natural Births area. I'll see if I can find it, bbl <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Here it is <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> VBAC Sticky
[Edited on 16/12/2009]
thanks smile

Hey there..
I am currently trying for my VBAC am just waiting to go into labour. LOL..
I do know numerous people personally who have had succesful VBACS so it can definately be done.
Make sure you do plenty of research as it is helpful to know what your up against as sometimes dr's can try to frighten you a little.

Michelle I tried for a natural birth after having a c-section. But unfortunately in my case it didn't progress enough and I had to have another c-section. I have read a few stories of women that have had a c-section first up and given birth naturally with following pregnancies. I remember that my OBGYN told me that when they are sewing you up after a c-section they actually do a report on the condition of the uterus and that. So if they give you the all clear and have no problems with you trying for a natural birth I say go for it. Do some research on the net and ask your Dr lots of questions.
Yes, VBAC is possible and it sounds like you are a great candidate. You might like to consider getting your hospital records as it is often enlightening to read your progress notes and this may help in your decision making around care providers, place of birth etc. All of these things are really important decisions if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful VBAC. Did you have a c/s with your first baby? 1/2cm dialaged over 12 hours sounds pretty normal progress to me, first babies can take many days of established labour before being born.
Have you considered a home birth? Independant midwives are very skilled in VBAC and statistically have much better rates of success than hospital births.
Good luck.
I was trying for a VBAC but ended up with an emergency C sec last Thursday night after 20 hours of labour.

my cousin has had 6 kids her 3rd was c-section and all the rest where natural also another one of my cousins had a c-section then 2 kids natural after that i know a lot of people who have had c-ections then natural after them with no problem at all, if you've had the last c-section before 32 weeks you wont be aloud to try natural because they scar will be to weak (i had c-section at 31 weeks and HAVE to have another), not only did my cousin who has 6 kids have natural after c-section her last 3 were home births too, good luck smile im sure you'll get to go all natural this time smile and if your worried you could always have an epidural just in case you did need another c=-section thats what i was going to do smile good luck

hi, ive got 4 kids and my 3rd was emergency c-section so yes it is possible, i think because i had 2 natural births b4 i was able to have another natural again (no4) probably, but as you said with yr labour, you hadnt progressed and thats why u had to have a e-cs so maybe with this labour it might go differently so yr be able to have a natural birth

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Im currently pregnant with number 6.
Baby number 1 was c section as he was feet first
Baby number 2 was natural but i was induced under a gyno
Baby number 3 was all natural
Baby number 4 was all natural
Baby number 5 was ceaser choice by 36 weeks my tummy muscles were giving out was really hard to just walk and they wouldnt induce me .
Baby number 6 is very likely a ceaser only as i have had so many and ceasers were so far apart there is the risk. But i find out for sure next week if they will let me have natural


Hi I am currently pregnant with my 5th bubba.. My 1st pregnancy was with twins so that I had 1 normal delivery & 1 emergancy c-section (twin 2 failed to progress). I got induce with the twins at 38 wks. I wanted to go all natural with bubba 3 & I did (best delivery ever)she was 40+5 days late & with bubba 4 I went all natural again, she was 40+1 day late..I am hoping that I go all natural again.. But as all the other mum's have stated do some research & YES that DR's do try to scare you, as mine has tried it with bubba 5..
Hope this helps.....Charmaine

mummy of Tyrone, Cain, Megan & Makayla & bubba #5

3 busy rugrats congratulations! hope everything is doing well The reason I had a c-sections was because they induced me [i was 40weeks and 10 days] and the only reason i went into labour was all the drugs they were giving me so after all that time [they were still giving the drugs every 1/2 hour or so] she ended up going into fetal distress. I dont know what would have happend if i went into labour naturally - if i ever was lol or if they didnt give me so many drugs Isnt there a certain time frame you have to have the baby after your waters are broken? My doctor really doesnt want me to try hes saying there would be a lot more complications of going into labour and then having a c-section It has scared me but I would love to recover faster It it was my choice I would want a home water birth - oh well fingers crossed thankyou for all the advice

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