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CS Scar- pain during pregnancy? Lock Rss

Just wondering if your CS scar gets painful during pregnancy?
I had and emergency CS 2.5 years ago and I'm a bit freaked out about things as I have heard some scary things about ruptured uterus and extreme pain.
Is it all true?

Hi therem
I am also pregnant again and had an emergency CS 3 years ago and am also wondering the same thing. I think it is different for different peoples. Hopefully there is someone to help? I'm sure when you get a midwife or your doc should be able to give u info??

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have had to previous CS's. In earlier pregnancy I was having quite a lot of pain around the scar, but it has settled. If you are worried about the scar rupturing during pregnancy or even during labor it is very rare and most like would not happen. I had a CS with my first bubs because he was breech. Then I tried for a Vag birth with my second, but it didn't progress. It was probably the scar tissue that stopped it from progressing, but the Dr/Midwifes kept a good eye on what was going on. I ended up having an emergency c-section and was fine. Don't let mine or anyone else's stories scare you, as everyone is different. Talk to your Dr or Midwife, as they know you history and are the only ones that can give you the accurate information.

When I was pregnant with my second I was determined to give birth Vaginally. When you have a CS they check the condition of your uterus ect when they are sewing you up and there should be some sort of report that your dr can access to find this out.
I have had two c/s. My first was an emergency c/s, 2nd pregnancy my scar hurt the whole way through. was just like a dull ache around the scar. They were worried towards the end of my pregnancy as that can mean that the scar has a lot of pressure and MAY split, therefore gave me my c/s 2 weeks earlier than planned. Everything was fine.

I am now on my 3rd pregnancy and have had absolutely no pains around my scar at all.
It is very rare that a scar will rupture, but if you feel constant pressure or period pain around the scar, then I would just mention it to your doctor.
Hi there

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with bub #2 and had a c-section with my DS in Oct 2007 (2yrs 3 mths ago) and I've not experienced any discomfort or pains around the scar. I had heard before that some women do get some discomfort, but up until I read this post I'd actually forgotten about that. So far so good for me, so perhaps it's just pot luck or down to the woman, or the pregnancy.

Try not to worry as there may not be a thing to worry about : )

I to had my 1st bubs in Oct 07 & I am now 27 weeks along with my 2nd. I get pain occassionally I think its due to the fact that this bubs is sitting lower because my muscles are a bit more relaxed. My doc has scheduled me in for cs on the 27th of april so only 11 weeks to go, but I do worry about the pressure on my internal scarring but he is taking all the right precautions as i am having a third scan at 34 weeks to ensure that nothing is too close to my internal scarring. Fingers crossed all is well.
Hi Ladies,

I'm a Mum of 4, number 5 due today 3rd May. I have had 4 c-sections and am trying for a VBAC. My hubby and I did heaps or research about VBAC's and found this website.

It is really helpful. I haven't had any pain with this pregnancy around my scar but have been told if it starts to hurt at all to call my midwife and they'd put my on the CTG monitor and keep an eye on babies heartbeat for sounds of distress.
I never laboured with any of the previous pregnancies so have been experiencing lots of new pains etc.
Hope all goes well for you.


Hi. I am a mother of 2, my first was born emergency ceaser, and my second I had a VBAC. I had no pains around my scar at any time, hadn't even heard about it smile I had no scares, the doctors or midwifes werent worried at any time.
It can be done!
hi there im a mum of 3 (first natural, last 2 were c-section) and im 18 weeks with our 4th. With my youngest ones pregnancy towards the end of the pregnancy i had sharp pain around my scar and the doc said due to the weight on it it could be splitting but in some cases it not as bad as it seems. A little tear can heal quite fast but obviously a uterine tear would near urgent attention. So far with this preg i havent had any probs with my scar, so it really depends on ur body. Good luck xox
Hi....I had an Emergency C-Section with my Son & fell pregnant when he was 15 months old....I had no problems with my scar during the second pregnancy.
I laboured 18.5 hours with my son & got to 9cm dialated & then was told with in an hour bub will be born....When the hour was up my midwife checked & I had dropped back to 7.5cm....I got an Interior Lip from the position he was in & his heart rate kept dropping....So C-Section it was.
I really wanted a natural birth....2nd pregnancy I thought I'll try for a VBAC & stayed positive the whole pregnancy....I had a SUCCESSFUL VBAC!!!....It was so AMAZING 4.5 Hour labour.
Goodluck & All the best!! smile
Hey, I had a c section in March 2011 and I am currently 22 weeks pregnant. I have had no pain at all! And am going to try for a vaginal birth this time too. As long as you keep your skin moisturised with oil throughout your pregnancy's you should be fine. Don't ever let your skin start to itch if you do, you've already left it too long. Moisturise with oil morning and night. My Nan swears by olive oil, so I use that and Bio Oil xx Good luck! Don't be scared! You know your body better than anyone else

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