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I will be having my 1st c-section in 4 weeks after 3 natural births, i was just wondering how you all went post c-section. What drugs you were given how you felt etc...
Nothing to horrible please don't want to stress to much as this baby has to come out one way or another!!!

Hi Jules
I ended up with a c-section with my first boy 18mths ago and im already booked in for another one with this bub due 6th july. it really wasnt at all bad after having listened to so many people tell me it would be. i had a morphine pump drip that you can administer yourself as you need it - i ditched as fast as they would let me and then took some panadol and a few anti inflams for the first 2 days. i recovered really quick apparently. for me i was that person that needed to feel normal and didnt function if i didnt have a nice hot shower etc. im trying really hard now with my little boy (will be 2 at the birth) to get him used to things like holding hands to go somewhere rather than having to pick him up too much and sitting beside me to read books etc. that way im hoping he doesnt associate the change with the new baby. i got a wheel basket for my washing and the line winds up and down so i didnt have to reach too much. i also found that a plastic bag on the seat in the car made it really easy to get in and twist to the front as you swivel on the plastic and it is easier than trying to twist all the time.

you will be fine - people will tell you to take it easy and as much as you can do - but its just not all that practical some times esp with other little ones racing around. just prep so things are easier.

ps - my worst thing was sneezing. i would put my hand over my stitches and press down so it didnt hurt too much.

i hope all goes well for you
hi there i am booked for my 4th in april....

the op itself is pretty pain free just felt some tugging and pulling, i did have some probs with low blood pressure but THAT IS ME!!

after you return from theatre i recommend taking as much pain relief as you need as soon as you feel it start hurting, and start walking ASAP. every time i went to the loo i did a lap of the ward and gradually built it up to 3 laps by the 3rd day ( maybe it is not a very big ward LOL)

like kels said it is difficult with little ones aswell not being allowed to pick them up but i was lucky and mine adjusted pretty quickly, don't try to be supermum when you get home either take time to recover...

oh and sneezing isn't the only thing that hurts, i found coughing the same i hugged a pillow every time i felt a sneeze or a cough coming.... i am asthmatic though so i tend to cough alot...

just remember that for every HORROR story you could hear there are plenty of really positive ones too....

good luck!!!


Just another question was speaking to my mum as my sister has had 4 c-sections and with her last she split a couple of stitches when she went to the toilet to do number 2's. So i was thinking of taking something to help in that situation. I should also say i'm on iron tablets to so proberly need what help i can !!! lol Did you take anything to make it easier or just ate certain foods to help??
Thanks for your replies,



I had my 1st via c-section 12 months ago.

You feel no pain whatsoever during. The night of the operation, even though I still wasn't feeling any discomfort at all they gave me some morphine to last through out the night. So I still felt no pain. From the next day I had a couple of lots of pain killers through the drip (can't remember exactly what they were) and also a couple of pain relief suppositry tablets. With all this I felt NO pain. I definitely had discomfort when I stood or rolled over but I wouldn't call it pain. After day 3 I was on normal panadol and voltraen.... simple smile. I was really scared of the pain and there are so many people out there that make it seem like such a bigger thing then what it is. I"m sure you'll do great and be surprised at how quickly you recover.

In regards to the toilet issue.... I never had any issues however I was worried about it so I asked the midwives for metamucil and I started taking it for a few days just in case smile

PM me if you had any questions at all. I wish I had of had someone to ask all the questions too smile

Good luck!!!!

hi again...

with the toilet thing (this is prob too much info) after my 3rd i got a kids stool (pooh bear on it LOL) and took it to the toilet with me and put my feet up on it and tucked my knees up when i needed to go and it really seemed to make a difference, something to think about...

kelmck- what agreat idea with the plastic bag. I have a big 4wd that has been lifted so was a bit worried about that as well, thanks

overtiredmummy- my son uses one of those in our ensuite now so will definatley give that a go!

It's good to see that there are good stories out there, why is it that people must tell you the worst to scare the hell out of you?

ok one more question if it's not TMI!! The post birth bleed. What is the go while your bed ridden to start with??

Thanks again for your replies


Hi im a bit like you. Im having my first c-section after having 3 normal deliveries. This time is purely because im having twins. I really nervous about the whole thing because at the same time, I cant have an epidural or spinal block, so I also have to go under a general. Im pretty nervous to say the least!!!

Good luck and keep up the replies ladies, it sure helps.


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For your post bleed question - to start with while you cant get up they put this big pad/sheet under you and change it for you all the time. They can also keep an eye on whats happening with the bleeding - volume etc. They kept me in recovery a little longer than normal because i bled a bit more - so its a good gauge for them i guess. As soon as your up and around and showered you can sort it all out as you normally would.

All i can say is - Nana Undies. The lovely ones that come right up over your tummy. I didnt want want anything sitting or rubbing on my stitches. They arent pretty but they are comfy. I had to ring my mum and get her to bring some in to me so I could get up and showered and dressed. I didnt go in prepped for a c-section thinking that everything would go to plan.

As for the toilet part - i took metamucil too. seemed to work fine - kiwifruit is another option but not to sure if bub would like that too much with the acid content to it.

hope that helps. it really isnt that bad - i was worried about it from all the horror stories you hear. but in the end i didnt care - i wanted my baby and me to get through it both safe and well. that was all that mattered to me and my partner. all the other stuff just went by the wayside and afterwards i just did what needed to be done and took it easy.

take care

Thanks for all your help....
Was talking to a friend today, she has had an emergency c-section for her 1st than a vbac for her 2nd and an elective c-section for her 3rd. She really put me at ease and said that being an elective c-section i'll be able to handle it easy. While i realize it's not really going to be easy i get what she meant and it really put my mind at ease. I think it is the unknown that worries me the most!! Looking forward to the next 3 weeks to hurry on by so i can meet this little man of ours!!
Thank you,

Hey there Jules
I must say i do agree with your friend.. I had an elective C for my 1st pregnancy and a emergency C after 20 hours of labour for my 2nd pregnancy. I found the elective a lot better to recover from even though i did have a few complications during it but i won't go into that as that was just a personal complication. I found the emergency after all the labour I was very very worn out physically and emotionally, as i really didn't want a C section. But the C section itself went fine and i left hospital 30 hrs later. With the 1st i had twins so i stayed in hospital for 5 days, was walking around the morning after i had them, showering etc..
I found the best thing was to take in extra pads and put them on your wound when you get dressed.. i didn't like the granny undies at all so i would put on older loose normal undies with a pad under it to stop them rubbing on the staples.

I know all of your questions have been answered by the other helpful ladies but though I would share another positive story. I had an emergency c section after and induced labour due to preeclampsia. I was induce on Thursday and on Saturday morning after 3 days in hard labour had an emergency c section as my baby was stuck.

The operation itself was fine. Hubby was with me and I didn't really feel anything at all. I was able to chat to my doctor and hubby while it was happening and they had made me feel extremely calm. They did tell me I might feel some tugging and pressure in my upper abdomen but I didn't.

I left recovery at 3am and was up showering at 7:30am that morning. From 3 - 7 I slept and didn't feel any pain as such just uncomfortable when moving. In terms of bleeding I too had I large pad like thing on the bed under me and also a maternity pad which the nurses changed for me. When they did this they also sponged be down (not fun I know but it makes you feel cleaner).

When I stood up for the first time it was uncomfortable but not unbearable. It was difficult to straighten out and I was hunched over but that didn't last long. I had a second shower at 6 pm and walked around a bit. The next day I could walk normally around the ward and was in very little pain. By day 3 I could lift my baby from sitting and felt almost no pain at all. My doctor told me I could go home on day 4 and even gave my permission to drive (not all doctors do though most say wait 6 weeks) and I did drive a manual comfortably on day 5. When I got home I had no pain at all and even though I took it easy I could do everything as normal.

For me the pain post operation was actually less painful that labour and my most positive experience of birth. My pelvic bones are too narrow to give birth naturally and will be having a second Caesarean in May. When I asked my doctor he said recovery is even better when you haven't been through labour first. I will be happy if it is the same as last time! Following the Caesarean I only bleed for 2 weeks and most of it very light. I am so glad I don't have to go through labour again as for me it was far worse than the recovery from my caesarean. I completely understand the "too posh to push" statement now after having to go through labour!

Good luck! You will be fine!

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