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CAN I..... Lock Rss

This is my second pregnancy but will be a first time mum.

I was just wondering how i can go about or can i elect to have a c-section as a public patient in VIC. I have done alot of research and for me this is the best option.

I suffer from anxiety disorder and unable to take medication at the moment because i am pregnant so things somedays can be hard enough and even though c-section have more risk and a longer recovery the experience being more organised and i know exactly what is happening and when helps me to deal with my anxiety a little better.

If anyone has any advise please ..........
im prity sure you can i have had 2 normal delverys but i want to have a c-section this time im guess it depends on your doctor mines really nice&understanding i find i guess next docs appointment

Thanks for your reply

i have my first appt with midwife at our public hospital on 9th march so guess i'll start asking then and see what happens.
I know you wrote this years ago - but can I ask how you went? I too have a severe anxiety disorder before getting pregnant, and now that I am pregnant, I'm pretty sure I am not going to cope - what did you do to help?
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