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hi, does anyone know if you can choose to have a c/s without medical reason.thanks

Yes you can but you might have to find a dr that is willing to do it if yours doesn't. I just had my 4th child only 9 days ago and he was an elective caesarean my choice no medical reason. My first 3 were natural deliveries not the best but got there in the end, so this time i decided i wanted to go down that road and am glad i did. while it wasn't easy neither were my naturals so i believe it's my body and my baby so my choice!!!
Good luck with what ever you decide and don't listen to anyone that will be negative with what you decide, it's your choice, your reasons not theres.


grin thankyou so much for your reply
i be seeing my doctor so be asking he is a understanding doctor so fingers crossed! congratulations on your baby too.

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