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For those that had an Emergency C/S Lock Rss

I was just in another forum and was reading though some stuff on peoples C/S and what they thought contributed to having an emergeny C/S

I noticed alot said they were havign a "text book" labor, dialating correctly ect up until they had the epi then as they were flat on there back the contractions slowed and other methods had to be used and failed!!

They were talking about having VBACS and going about it all different the next time around so im wondering is the C/S rate higher if you have an EPI? and if so why do you choose to have it apart from teh pain of coruse laugh

Also not trying to start any debates im just really interested to now what number of people had already had an EPI befor having an Emergancy C/S.

Also will add i do realise other factors play apart like not progressing ect.... But once again im just wanting to know if you had an EPI BEFOR having a C/S and if YOU think it played a part in what happened.... Gee's terrible when you have to explain your post ten times to avoid the whip lash laugh laugh laugh
I had an emergency c section with DD2, I was induced and started haemorraging. Didnt have an epi so it was nothing to do with that, I had a spinal block once the caesar became necessary.
I do know that when you have an epi the chances of an assisted delivery are higher, but not certian.

I had an emerg c section with DS1 but i really cant comment as did not even labour, just had a general and that was that sad
Yes both times and yes, I believe I played a part in slowing down labour, which then lead to c/s. But I was also induced both times too and I think that played more of a part, moreso in my first labour.
my first labour my DD was in distress from the get go. they let me labour a while but decided after a point that things weren't going well enough.

2nd time everything was going great until I got the EPI and I do think it contributed to her plummeting heart rate. she needed to be resuscitated. Who knows how it would have gone otherwise tho. It's not a "choose your own adventure", can't go back and try it another way tongue
With DD1 I had an epidural and didn't have a caesar. It didn't quite work properly though.

With DD2 I had an emergency c-section but that was different, I arrived at the hospital and went straight under a general so can't comment!

I had an emergency CS with Sydney and I had an Epi too. It didn't play apart in me having to have the CS as I would have had to have one regardless and will have to with subsequent children too due to the size of my pelvis. But I really don't see how some ladies can actually push a baby out whilst under the influence of an Eepi. I had to try and push and it was honestly almost impossible for me, I guess everyone is different so some people may find it easy but geeeeeeeeez I didn't lol!!

DD1 was an emergency c/section. I laboured for 27 hours before having my epi. I didn't get to the pushing stage until about 30 hours and then after 2 hours of DD1 not moving down at all, DH and I decided to go for a c/sect. I then had to endure another 3 or so hours of labour waiting for the theatre wacko
I don't think the Epi contributed to my Em C sect, as DD was FTP, I would say exhaustion and her big fat head got the better of me! DD2 was elective C-sect, although I laboured that day resulting in uterine rupture.
I don't enjoy labour!

I see the tread has been moved but thankyou for the replys.

I guess im kinda lucky in the fact my lobrs are not overly long, i do have big bubs and boy do i scream for an epi in transition laugh but never had one either time...

I to dont know how people push with them... I have no lead up to wanting to push... With DS2 i could feel him moving down but my waters popped and i toight ooh goody not long to go!! And them BAM next contraction my body started pushing ALL on its own!!!!!!

But it is still interesting to read weather people think epis have anything to do with the C/S or not.... But i also know you cant turn back time and opt out so i suppose you would never truly know if it would have been any different...
I had to have a c-section after being in labour for 2 days and 90 min of trying to push bub out then being told i had to have a c-section cause my pelvis was to small for bub head to get threw.
I only had gas threw most of the labour.

I had an emergency c-sect due to foetal distress but i didnt have an epidural the reason for that was the idiots not realising i was in labour and letting me labour for so long. grrr still mad and still cant believe their machines didnt pick up my contractions. But as i said no epidural, i was offered one as i had been in labour 38 hours and in that time they had given me 6 sleeping pills 6 panedine forte and 2 shots of phenergan so they had made me so so tired but i couldnt sleep through the pain but i said no the the epi i didnt want it but then within a few minutes they told me id be having a spinal as the contractions had caused baby to go into foetal distress.
I had an epi before my emergency C/S! I was in labour for 19hrs and made it to 91/2cms dilation but my bub never dropped down, when they realised he wouldn't make it out alone I had C/S! It had nothing to do with the epi and I don't think I would have got through it without it
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