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Post OP stress? Lock Rss

Hi there. I had an emergency caesar. Labour progressed normally, got to the pushing stage, pushed well, my ob used a vacuum to no avail and said I needed an emergency caesar. As soon as he said this I went into shut down mode. I shut my eyes travelling to the operating theatre thinking and asking the whole way whether my baby was ok. I still get very upset thinking about it. It has been 7 months since. My baby is healthy and well but I can't seem to get my head around the emergency caesar. Even though at the time I said nothing about it, it was so traumatic. Only now that my baby is sleeping through and my life is resembling normally am I able to think about how I am not 'ok' with the situation. I have tried to open up to my mum and husband about it. but I just get brushed off. Please help me cope with this.
I had a traumatic emergency c-section also.
I was 42 weeks when I was induced. After 15 hour I was only 2cm. Bub was being monitored the whole 15 hours as his heart rate was low from the start.They still let it get to the point that he was at risk.
When they finally got him out he was rushed to peads and ended up in NICU for a week.
In that time the nurse on the maternity ward were not supportive, I was forced to walk through the hospital at all hours to go down and feed him. They wouldn't let DH stay to wheel me down in a wheel chair.
After we left the hospital my GP suggested that I write a letter to get it all out. I did, but I didn't post it. It helped to say exactly how I felt about is all.
Maybe talk to your GP or a counsellor?

This might be a good place to start <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Birthrites - Healing after C/S
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