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Hello everyone,

I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins and have booked into Westmead Hospital.

All my babies (4 kids) have been delivered via normal vaginal birth and I would like to have a c-section for my twins. I know many women have had successful vaginal births with twins, but I want to opt for a c-section in case something happens, such as, 1 coming out naturally, then having to undergo an emergancy c-section. It's a decision I've deeply looked into and feel more certain about.

At my booking-in appt, the midwife basically said, "no, you don't need a c-section" and tried talking me out of it. I just left it at that and thought, I'll wait until I meet the Dr at my next appt and see how it goes. Well, I met the doctor yesterday and she said it's "something we decide at around 34 weeks". I started to feel it was about what they want. I know they try to do the best for mother/baby, but I want to know my rights as far as applying for elective caesarian. I've known of some ladies who have had elective c-sections and seem to get their requests easily (I'm talking about ladies who have had no complications), so how can I also go about it? I would be interested in also hearing from ladies who have had their babies at Westmead - in case different hospitals have different policies.
PS: one additional note, when I had my last baby 2 years ago, in my baby class, only 2 of us had natural deliveries and the other 9 ladies had c-sections-most were elective-no did they get it?

Sorry about my lengthy letter, but I look fwd to seeing your replies smile
i know you can privately but think it depends on the hospital when you are going public. keep pushing and hopefully they will come around.

good luck.
good on you standing up for what you want.

when you talk to your doctor tell them you want a c-section. if they say no. either go to another one or...

what my friend did was just say that the emotional stress of wanting a c-section and not knowing your going to have one will be bad for you AND your baby. my friend just told the DR that she mentally/emotionally couldnt handle giving birth so he let her have a c-section with no medical complications.

there was another huggies mum recently that was on here and she was in NZ but said she basically did the same thing. and got a c-section for free no medical reason...

i thought c-sections with twins was pretty normal anyway... good luck!!!
I was shocked when my friend delivered her twins naturally i just always assumed it was done by c-section for the reasons you have listed, as a PP said private will do it?
I ended up having a c-section with my son - only after changing hospitals at 37 weeks pregnant. I was told during the pregnancy by the three OBGYNs that I saw that a c-section would be best seeing as I had a cyst the size of a football in there with the baby. I was told from early on that if I got to full term without it bursting then they'd do a c-section. But the OBGYN i saw at my 36 week appt (the one to make the final decision) said "there are no notes on your file indicating that they told you that - and I don't think you need one. You can have a natural birth and then come in 6 weeks later for a cystectomy". I begged for a c-section saying i only have help for the three weeks after the due date for c-section but would have no help 6 weeks after when they wanted to do a cystectomy and that i would have no-one to look after the baby while in hospital for the surgery. She didn't care and looked at me like I was insane and when I said sarcastically "who will watch my baby while I'm in hospital having a cystectomy? Shall I just bring him in with me and have the nursing staff look after him?" and she said "that's not my problem that's your problem".
I was devestated and so I emailed the Royal and begged for their help - the head of Obstetrics saw me two days later and had me booked in the following week.
Due to where I now live i HAVE to have my second child at the first hospital and the first thing they said was "we practice VBAC" and I demanded they write in my file that i want a c-section. He asked why I wanted him to write that and I said "because if you force me to go natural and anything goes wrong I'm suing you". He thought I was kidding and went to laugh and when he saw my deadpan face he realised I wasn't kidding and wrote it down on my file. Now I won't be back to the hospital until week 36 when they will make their "final decision" but I will be standing my ground. This time I won't let THEM make a decision about me and my body.
Im gald you have looked into a csection and no the ins and outs...what to expect after. Its your choice, get a different dr or go to the head of the hospital. If your having twins then i think you should be able too. If you just wanted one and you were only having one baby, i would think your crazy. But with twins i assumed thats what they do, maybe different rule for different states and hospital? All the best hope you get what you want
It is completley your choice. Doctors like to leave it thou til the end of pregnancy as many women change their minds, and as it's an emotionally charged situation, sometime we don't always get the importance of this across. Tell your OB that you want an elective Ceaser regardlass of medical reasons and you want to know now that he/she will support your decision. That should atleast cross that doctor off the list if they wont. Be kind but firm, and goodluck
Hi there. My twins were delivered by c section at 33 weeks. It was considered and elective c section as we knew they would have to come early due to some cord issues but from day one my doctors said that they would be delivered by ceasar as the risks were too high with twins for natural labour.

To be honest i really wanted to have a natural labour but like you i also wanted my babies to be delivered safely. At one appointment we did have a doctor say that we would 'just see what happens'. I told him what was happening that we were going to have a ceaser. Stick to what you want. If need be go to another OB.
Good luck and enjoy your twins
Hey there, my sister is nearly 36 wks with twin girls, they are her 3rd pregnancy, she is a public patient and was given the choice, though is seeing an OB the specialises in twins and after doing a lot of research and talks with him she decided she would let thebabies decide... meaning that if they were in good possies she would V/Birth, her OB will give an epi early on, Baby A is head right down in her pelvis and baby B is ready to 'slide in' she is told, there is risks of once baby A is out baby B can move into an awkward position and C section is needed but she has weighed up her options and like I said will have the epi and so if a C/section is needed she is ready.......

Sorry for rambling, my point is though she was given a choice and she was allowed to make the final decision whilst being a public patient and she has done a lot of research to make that decision......

I think its a personal choice and can wholeheartedly understand why mothers of twins would want to opt for a caeser.... can you use andother DR??
Hello again,

excuse my late response, but I was going through all the replies on here and I am immensely grateful for all of them. I will be taking all your tips on board with me for my next hospital appointment, next week. I hope it goes well!

Cheers everyone smile
hey just saw this thread and wanted to update! My sis had her twins yesterday morning naturally..... Her waters broke at 3.30 am, 1st baby was born at 8.40am and the 2nd at 9.05 am both did very well though, the 2nd bub took a bit longer than they liked to come down and was face p but she delivered both naturally with a full epi which was decided at the beginning of her preg
Hello, That is great news about your sister. Wasn't sure what you meant by "face p". Must have been exciting too see 2 babies deliver. smile
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