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Bleeding after Elective Caesarean Lock Rss

I am due to have my 2nd baby via an elective/planned c-section next Thursday but was wondering do you still bleed and if so for how long do you. With my first it was an emergency c-section after 20 hours of non-progressing labour so not sure if that changed things.

Look forward to any replies.


Firstly, all the best for next week. Hope all goes smoothly for you.

Yes you still bleed. I cannot remember how long for, but I think mine lasted 2 - 4 weeks on & off. Everyone is different though.

Take care & hope to read a birth notice from you, when you are up to it, in the coming weeks.

you still bleed the same as you would after a natural birth. i think i actually bled for longer that my natural birth after my c-section. from memory it was about 4 weeks for my natural birth with DS1, and with DS2's c-section it lasted for 5 weeks (i count the dribs and drabs right at the end too, not just the obvious red/pink bleeding).

i then got my AF dead on 6 weeks after DS2 was born sad

They will give you an IV drug syntocinin after the C-section. this will basically cause contraction of the uterus. This causes the body to mimic the normal pattern it would after a natural birth i.e. body returning to natural state bleeding etc. So bleeding is normal, time will be dictated by how quickly your body resumes its normal state. Hope this helps

hey hun, i just my second c-sect this one was elective too and after a week mines starting to settle down, i'm breastfeeding and i' not sure if its related but i have had like surges where it was really light then i got more and it was a redder colour. i know everyone is different so what might happen with one person is different to the next etc etc.. i was told with my first that it was pretty much the same as natural. good luck!!!
Thank you so much for your replies i remember i only bled for about 3 weeks on and off after my DD so we will see i was just unsure if it is different if you don't go into spontaneous labour first.
After first two, both VB's normal bleed for 4-5 weeks. However third (although 16 yrs later) was C Sec and I bled for 8 weeks. Ended up having an ultra sound (cost $300!!!!!) to check things were ok. And yup apparently all was normal?!
My first baby was via elective c-section (actually not so elective really she was breach with no way of coming out so wouldn't call it elective) I think I had heavy bleeding for about a week and then really light for a couple of weeks after that with all gone by about week 4.
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