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C section after 3rd degree tear Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I Have been reading threads on this topic for ages. I am currently Due with number two, and just need some reassurance. Doctors and Midwives don't seem to give me clear answers.

I had a 3rd degree tear 2 years ago after a 3 failed vacuums and a forceps delivery. The recovery was painful but I felt ok after about 3 weeks. I still get some pain down below at times. I have alot of scar tissue.

I am considering having a c section as the thought of giving birth again really scares me and the fact I have so much damage down below.

Would just like to know from women who have gone on to have c sections after bad tears how did u find u the recovery? which one was better ? was the c section more painful? or the tear?

I hear different stories cos some women have had great natural biths so a c section to them is traumatic. I just want to pick the lesser of the two smile

Thanks for reading xxxx

i havent had natural birth so im not too sure about that side of the recovery. I have had a c section with DS and i am goin to have an elective c section with #2 in jan. i had a fantastic recovery was up and about the next day taking things slowly. it took about 3-4 weeks before i felt "normal" they say a c section is a 6-8 week recovery but every person is diff! If your worried about tearing again i would go c section. Its your decision if your not confy with V birth then go c section dont let anyone presure you!!!!! good luck

1st baby due start of sep

Thankyou so much for ur reply. It's nice to hear a positive story from a C Section delivery.

I probably will go C section this time around the recovery from my first birth was awful. I do remember a lady in the other room when I gave birth to my daughter had a C section and she was walking better then me ...I was waddling around with my bottom in the air..looool

I can joke now but at the time it was painful and im so lucky I escaped with no issues just a very scar Tissue.

Did u find Breastfeeding an Issue with ur C section? I found it so Hard first time cos I coudlnt even sit without pain.

I was thinking about this at 3am this morning lol couldnt sleep heart burn is killing me and DH snoring. i found breastfeeding ok had some issues at the start cracked nipples etc but all worked out good i found a triangle pillow worked wonders in giving me support around the tum area took alot of DS weight. also im not to sure if it was due to the c section but i felt i had less of a connection with him to start with but feeding really helped with that, that would be my only downside with the c section.

lol sorry for going on hope it helps you a little. x

1st baby due start of sep

Hi, I had a C-section with my son and was up and about really well, was actually relieved thought it would be much worse! I think planned C-sections are ALOT easier than emergency but i havent birthed natural to tear so cant compare the two of those.
I didn't have any trouble bonding with bub personally, was besotted from get go but i had mentally prepared myself for a C-section (didn't have a choice first time round) so didn't feel defeated pr disapointed or anything

Thanks so much for ur reply. I'm happy to know ur C sections went fine!!

Just ppl really scare u about them saying how major it is. Which I know it is but it can't be that bad seriously????

I really feel C Section is for me this time around I feel it in my gut. I would just love to have a the picture perfect VB..But I really feel the risk of tearing that bad again and all other complications are not worth it.

Thanks so much girls for ur stories, They are all positive smile

Did they give you any reasons why the think your first delivery was so difficult.
I had a 3rd degree tear with #1. I was induced because my waters had broken. I went from 5cms to 10cm dialted in 15mins so don't think my body was really ready. I had vacuum to assist then doctor pulled bub out and gave me 3rd degree tear.
After talking to some doctors i got told that it was probably due to me being induced that i had problems. A lot of induced pregnancies end up in vacuums and they can cause tears etc.
i was then told by one doctor that i should have c-section due to my difficult delivery. i wouldn't be able to have a bub bigger than #1 3.3kg.
i disagreed, i believed my issues were due to the induction. So i had Bub #2 naturally she was 4.24kgs and they gave me an episiotomy to be on the safe side
i'm not sure what your circumstances were, but i thought i'd share my story as i was in the same situation after having my 1st


Ur story is like mine sad My waters broke but no contractions so they induced me too. I did'nt progress as fast as u. But I got fully dilated but my little one's head was stuck sad and she was having distress sad so they had to get her out using the vacumms and forceps.

Did u find ur privates never the same again? mine kinda just feels hard if that makes sense. Im so happy to hear u went onto have another VB following ur experience. Ur so Brave smile U must of been scared thou. Did urs go to the Anal spinchter?
Yeah i was pretty worried about giving birth. But having a c section scared me more.
yeah was pretty sore for awhile, because of the scar tissue. Like you i had trouble sitting down, more to do with the fact that i think my coccyx bone was damaged. i think a 4th degree tear is all the way to the anal sphincter, not too sure they just told me 3rd degree tear.
Did they recommend for you to have a c section or you just think it would be better after your first birth (which i don't blame you)


Hi Lesh28,

I was just given the option that's all ..So cos I have a choice makes me soo confused. Also My OB did say my prenium is very badly damaged with scar tissue but im strong he said LOL.

I really don't mind if I have a ceaser in a way after hearing other ladies have them , they really don't sound too bad IF ...u only have had a tramatic birth to begin with, not if u had a smooth sailing Natural VB. I just think girls who have had bad tears who go on the give birth again are soo amazing too do it.

Did ur Doc's ever talk to u about reapeat tearing or they seemed pretty confident u wouldnt end up with lots of troubles?

That's all Im worried about is incontience troubles and my baby being badly damage. My daughters head was a mess after her birth sad No to mention my bottom sad

I never really asked how many stitches I had he just said I could go to a competition to be a patch work quilt gasp

It was truly awful sad I did'nt even bath her the next day cos I was in so much pain sad
Shae - yeah doc did mention to me that i would have probably have problems giving birth. He thought i'd struggle to give birth as #2 was bigger in size. did also mention that if i did have a repeat of my first birth that i may have later problems eg incontinence. I do get few little leaks when i play sports sometimes, but that was only after having #2 and more so now when i feel pregnant with #3. Probably more to do with the fact that #2 was so big and i don't do enough exercises. Plus women who have fine births have little leaks.
My bubs head looked really bad after the vacuum too. Poor hubby was very concerned about it, but it settled down very quick. I had problems sitting for about 6 months after the birth, mainly cos of the coccyx damage.
Wasn't meant to lift bubs due to sticthes etc, so probably were in the same situation as someone who had a c section really!
I think after having such a bad first experience i was adament to have a positive one and not let them interfere. It was my first time so i thought they knew best. But i had no idea that my labour would be full on straight away after getting the drip put in. I just think my body didn't have time to get ready for the birth properly and it was forced into going into labour.


Yes Inductions are terrible to have are'nt they I would avoid it at all costs next time around.

Thank you so much for replies. I will see the OB today and he will assure me hopefully. Will u Give birth to Ur 3rd VB too? when are u due?
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