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C section after 3rd degree tear Lock Rss

yes ur right, everyone in my family is saying to take the ceaser my mum is begging me lol!! I also have terrible hemorroids too ouch and the thought of tearing like that again OMG..I guess its just fear of the unknown. Im so happy u had a positive ceaser story. I guess its just normal to feel a bit scared of having one..either way im going to be in pain I bet a pain in the tummy is better then all the troubles of forceps, vaccums and tearing :S
just wanted to say thanks to everyone for adding their stories!!!

I tore real bad and lost 2L blood just from the tear (went really high through an artery...which I didn't even know we had down there!) and then it didn't heal right- had a corrective surgery but it still didn't heal right after that too It's hard though because while a C/S is an option, it seems scary too. I hated not being able to look after my baby from being in pain from the tear, and missing out on so much bonding because the recovery took so long. All I remember of the first 3 weeks was being in pain constantly and not being able to feed, change, bath, or do anything for bubs. (Got bad PND too)

I sort of thought well with a C/S it would be the same: pain, blood loss, probs breast-feeding etc. But then a mate of mine had an elective. I saw her 9 days was amazing! She was dressed, had her hair done, was walking around and feeding her baby! So I think maybe in some cases a C/S is definitely the lesser of "2 evils" so to speak. I would love a natural birth and know if it were possible it would be the best thing ever, but I think it depends on so much. For me the major thing was how the tear healed cuz the doc said if it heals fine I could have a natural birth again but when it didn't, it would be risking all the benefits from the surgery and months of physio.

Anyway thanks everyone for sharing your stories- it's great to hear some positive ones from both sides of the fence!
I suffered a 3rd degree tear with #1- my waters broke (40+2 weeks) and DD1 was in distress, mainly due a cord twisted around her neck. After a failed ventouse, she was delivered with forceps and I tore even though I had been given an episiotomy. After much consideration I chose to have a natural birth with #2, again with an episotomy. Apart from the few stitches I felt amazing and was up walking around straight away. (Spontaneous labour at 39 weeks, waters didn't break till later.) I chose to have a natural birth again with #3 and although I needed a slightly larger episotomy due to his size, the recovery was so much better than #1. (39+5 weeks)
#1 was 3.75kg, #2 was 3.64kg and #3 was 4.27kg.
I think that every case is different in terms of how bad the tear was, how long the recovery was and any complications suffered. My Ob outlined the risks but was happy to support me in my decision. I also think you need to make a decision you feel comfortable and confident with. Good luck!
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