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Triplet caesarian Lock Rss

I am expecting triplets and when i asked the midwife if i would have a natural birth she looked at me like i was crazy and told me firmly that i would definately be having a caesarean around 34 weeks.
Since i have been bombarded with lots of information and i am beginning to sift through information I have so many unanswered questions.
What to expect, how you recover after caesarians, special care and anything else you think is relevant would all be appreciated.
Congrats wow.... after about a week you can get up without much pain.....

day 1 the day babies are born.... you are in bed totally at the mercy of hospital staff fyi demand the morphine drip...... (they will take you in your bed to visit your babies if they are in nicu)
I don't know if this is a silly question but are you going to breast feed. .... or breast - mix feed or bottle..... babies latch onto breast pretty soon after delevery if that is possible or your babies may go to the nicu.....
if they can they can latch onto you and they seem to do better. (my middle girl was 5 wks early was in nicu and managed to latch and feed) also if they are being tube fed they can give them breast milk for the first while which will be great....

day 2 they will get you up and showered.... you are able to move and walk a littl..... sleep a lot and feed a lot and move slowly ie to the toilet... you will be in a wheel chair if your babies are in nuci and they will take you to them.

day 3 you will be feeling slightly better able to shower yourself.... you will be slow moving.... wheelchair visit babies.... sleep a lot .....

you will be on pain killers. but i would recomened the morphine drip after they are born.....

the good thing about c sections is that all the babies come out alive and will receive medical attention as they need it............

they will be monitored before they come out as they will want to leave them in there as long as possible without comprimising health of any of the babies.............

i only know about c section and premmy babies.... talk to your dr about natural births.:??? and weigh pro and cons....

wow good luck with them how far along are you
Hi! Congrats on the triplets smile

I had a emergency c-section. It was Ok, the first nite was hard as i couldnt move as i had a catheiter in... But I didnt have alot of pain, the nurse's were constantly asking if i wanted pain relief and i kept declining. But i think im a freak in that way, i can handle most pain. the only after care i can think of is to Pat dry the scar, keep pants off the scar, and dont lift anything heavy, or raise arms above ur head, they say only lift and carry your baby.
Good Luck smile hope this has helped with some of ur questions, feel free to private message me if u have any other Q's.
Thanks for the great detailed information grin
I am at 19 weeks, but only found out about 5 weeks ago that we were having the triplets so it has all been a rush to catch up and with hospital appointments every week, i get new information everytime.
I think that because i have 2 children already i am expected to know alot of things, but they were all natural and easy/uncomplicated pregnancies.
I like to know all the senario's which makes it easier to cope with eveything that is being thrown at me. From your response i have started making a list of questions to ask my specialist and the midwife. THANK YOU
Yep first night you will be in the bed, probably having fairly strong pain relieve although i put a stop to mine around 4am as i was reacting to morphine caused me to get really itchy and not be able to sleep etc, i just went on strong tablets smile !!
The next day (i had dd at 6:20pm) i was up by mid morning for a shower probably earlier actually i was BEGGING for one as i had laboured all the day before without washing my hair and felt soooooooooo dirty smile ! I was sore needed help to get up from bed and to shower but then pretty much showered myself, nurse helped to dress me, i was able to pick my daughter up although took it very easy, i had to get DH or nurse to pass her to me in bed though as i couldn't get into bed with her in my arms... Everything had to be done in stages and slowly...
By the 2nd morning i still had to take things very slowly but i could move more freely.. Also down to less pain relieve only panadol and ponstan smile ..
By 3rd morning i was moving heaps better could get daughter and put her into bed with me etc i think i was even doing that midway through day 2 smile.
I went home on day 5 day only only the occasional panadol and ponstan mainly for bed though.
By 2nd day at home i was on nothing really the odd panadol if i had over done it...

I had my c section at 7pm, slept that night. Up and showered at 10am, walked around freely with little pain. Discharged from hospital on day 3 no pain.

Currently 6 weeks pregnant and will be booking in for another.

YOu know a lady in Sydney had them natural and had them at 39 weeks. smile She just stayed in hospital from35 weeks. lol She was apparently one of the first.
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