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csection on friday Lock Rss

i meet my little girl on friday cant wait hope everyhting goes ok and there are no problems with the csection. so excited but at the same time hate leaaving my little boy he seems bit worried that i will be in hospital for a few days. oh well will all be over soon
Good luck - I have my c sect on Thursday. I'm very excited grin
Hey ladies

Hope everything goes really well for you both & babies & also for your recoveries.

Congrats in advance. xx
Hi Willsma & Jen.p

I bet your both exicted and nervous. You'll both do great. Hopefully your little boy doesn't fret too much whilst your in hospital, and he can be the proud new big brother

good luck!!!!

grin grin grin
how exciting for you all who having c sections really soon

wishing you all best of luck & speedy recoverys

i am due to have mine on 14.12 2010

28 sleeps to go YIPPPEE
Well all went great with the csection no complications and im healing very fast very little pain this time around totally different from my emergancy csection with my son.
Baby Jessica is just perfect and her big brother loves her to bits.
date for my c section been changed till 20th 12.2010
wow thats close to xmas
congrats willsma, thats fabulous!!!
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