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You wouldn't have to go under a general unless you request it or there is a medical reason that would mean you had to (spinal not working etc). I think most hospitals and OB prefer to do it under epi or spinal so that you are awake for the baby and not in recovery. I wouldn't want a general either. I got to have skin to skin with my bub straight away, she never left my side and i could feed in recovery. You miss out on those precious first minutes of life when you are under. smile

That sounds lovely! That would so be what I would like! With my DD, it was a bit rushed! I got to see her straight away, but not put her on the breast until recovery. But I was so exhausted and drugged up, I don't remember much- which I'm a bit sad about! That's awesome that bubs can go on the breast straight away!! Did you feel quite energized and awake after your CS?

I’ve been worried about the same think I had a traumatic first time 19hours of established labour to end up with emergency c-section once Jackson was out I held him for maybe 5-10 mins then the midwife n hubby took him while I was stitched n sent to recovery then I had trouble getting milk thro it took almost 4 weeks to come thro

My midwife has now told me this was likely to be from lack of skin to skin n the fact he didn’t go on the breast till about 3-4 hours after birth

I’m terrified the same will happen so I was leaning towards a c-section but worried I’ll have the same feeding troubles it was so hard to persevere last time the 4 weeks were hell but my midwife has told me the skin to skin is being pushed a lot more with c-sections they even would rather hubby not hold bub till after that first feed so I’m thinking if its elective n I make your wants clearer maybe I’ll get to keep this one longer??

Fingers crossed anyway!

I've had 3 c-sections. First time it took a good 5 days for the milk to come in, the second 2 days and the 3 it was there straight away.
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