Okay, so I'm due in the new year when the specialist is on holidays. He's booked my caesar for a FULL WEEK after my due date!!!! The midwives and Specialist are saying "don't worry, if you go into labour before then, you'll just come in for an emergency caesar"

Apparently surgery is not open for "elective Caesars" when bubs is due. DS1 came precisely on time so I'm pretty convinced I'll be in labour long before any "scheduled c-sect"

I've told them I'm not afraid of labour, labour pain was fine to deal with. What is not fine is the pain of having a baby wedged in my pelvis for hours and hours and hours on end and midwives refusing me pain relief for over 6 hours because they think the baby is about to make a magical appearance into the world. Stuck at 7cm with a 3.4kg baby (not entirely huge is it, don't subsequent babies get bigger?) THAT is what frightens me most about going into labour.

Anyone else with previous birth drama's been booked in AFTER their due date?

congrats on a healthy baby