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Want baby #3, had 2 c/secs, surgeon warned against it- help! Lock Rss

As the title says I would love another bub. I've had 2 c/secs. First was emergency due to pre eclampsia at 34 weeks. Second one I made it to 37 weeks with low dose aspirin, wanted to try for VBAC but as baby was too high they couldnt rupture waters. Also, I did have pre eclampsia again so I wasn't 100%.
During the second c/sec they apparently could see my daughter looking up "at them" through my scar tissue. And it was hard for them to 'get in'.. the surgeon came into recovery to advise against having anymore.

Has anyone had this happen to them and gone on to have another baby? We would really love just one more, but not if it is going to risk the life of a baby or myself. I have 2 littlies to think of- one at the age where he would understand. It wouldn't be fair to him.

Thanks for reading! Any info would be fab.
I would take his word. He has seen it and given his professional opinion.
If in doubt see an OB/GYN for advice. The more c/s the more the risk in subsequent pregnancies.
I agree with previous post. you should head the surgeons warning. see an expert obstetrician if you are really keen but as you have acknowledged you have the first 2 babes to consider, is the risk really worth it?
all the best.
after my daughter they cam into recovery and said no more babies..... and i talked to an older obs and he said "darling have as many as you want its our job to make sure they stay in there....

if they did their job properly and stiched you up in layers you should be able too... i got pregnant when my daughter just turned two.... it is recomended you wait two years if you have had probs...

get a second view on things.....
See another ob, see a few obs and get some opinions. I agree with what subzero has said.
after my 2nd c-section the Dr performing the Op said no more babies while he was still sewing me up....bad bed side manner, lucky for me he wasn't my usual Dr as was the "on call" Dr due to my OB was away but at my 6 week check up I ask my usual OB for his opinion and he said that he had never had a uterus he couldn't sew up and bleeding he couldn't stop, he's never lost any mum or bub and he said have as many babies as you that's 2 professional Dr's saying 2 different things, my Dr said it's due to different training and life experiences, so I went and got a 3rd opinion and the 3rd Dr agreed with my OB so hopefully if everything goes ok, we'll be trying for our 3rd and when i mean if everything goes ok, we have to go through IVF to have our babies, so here's fingers crossed.....never be affraid to get multiple professional opinions...
I've had 3 c/secs all up. First was because baby was breach. Second I tried for VBAC, but due to non progression of labor (I only dilated to 5cm) I had and emergency. They put the labor not progressing down to scare tissue. So with the I chose to have an elective c/sec.

When I first went to see the Obs with my second pregnancy and asked him did he think a VBAC was possible, he looked up the report done by the Drs that stitched me up and he said from that he couldn't see any reason why not.

But as the other girls have said go get a second opinion.
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