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can you elect to have a caesar Lock Rss

If there is a medical reason they know about proir to birth then u will have a C-Section. pre-eclamisia or something like that.

But they wont if its because you dont want a natural birth.

i had one as public because i didnt want to do it natural.
they will do it if it is your wish smile

i just like to tell people that because everyone gets told that they cant and i just wish people knew their options smile

i just like to tell people that because everyone gets told that they cant and i just wish people knew their options smile

As it's your body, you have a choice on how you birth regardless of why. Private or public patients.

If your wishy washy with expressing you desires to have a c-section, then they will encourage you to birth naturally. If you tell them that this is your choice,, and you need to know now that they are going to support this decision, they should abide by it. If not, find another OB.
I had been told after my first emergency CS that due to the scar shape (had some sort of tear) I would have to have an elective CS for my second.

My hospital told me I had to see a private OB, so they gave me a list of doctors that service the hospital.

So it was public hospital, private OB, but still mostly covered by medicare (small charge for doctor, but about a tenth of the charge of fully private!)

I think your first step would be to ask the hospital how to go about it...

@ Glamour Babe - is there a particular reason you cannot be induced? Is it just an individual circumstance? Sorry just asking as I had 'elective caesar' with my first as he was breech, this time fingers crossed bub stays in the right position I can try natural, and curious if I've had a caesar and go over if induction is possible...?
To answer original question, as I just said, mine was classed as elective caeser,and I was/am public patient don't quite know why they class some as elective, but my boy was breech, and doc clearly didn't want to risk an emergency one anyway.

They won't induce you after a cs because it increases the risk of a rupture significantly. I was told if I went overdue I would have to have a cs. I eventually decided to have an elective.
from what i was told yesterday from the hospital i'm booked into, yes you can but you will have to pay if it is elective but you don't have to pay if it is an emergancy


i have had 2 caesar's so far 3rd is booked all overdue and not by choice especially last one due to complications. But they have all been in the public system and i've never had to pay a cent.

lol most c sections are for medical reasons. yes you can in NZ.... have no idea about aussie

I think you can also elect to have a caesar if you have good reason to on your first baby too.....

i have had 3 one emergency and to apparently elective........ even though one was prem and one was because i had already had 2 c sections...

You can? Oh I didnt know that I live in nz also.
But I didnt need to have any with my lot so I am greatful.
Interesting tho!
I'm in Australia and yes you can have an elective c-section for medical reasons being a public patient. I've had to elective c-section, first because DS was breech and second because I had 2 c-section before an didn't want to take the risk. My second birth I tried for VBAC and it didn't progress due to scar tissue.
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