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Your C Section Experience Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Just curious in Ur C section experiences. I am planning to have a elective C section due to a traumatic first birth and OB is happy to perform the Op for me.

All I read is the risks and what can go wrong. Just wanting to hear real stories from real women. If u did encounter problems do share this too.

Thanks so much xxx

I myself have had 2 c-secs the first one was text book but the second my god it started out that i had a fall the night before i was book into have it flat on my face (don't wear those crock shoes ladies they are compfy but dangerous slipery)
i didn't feel baby move for half hr so decided to ring hospital who told me to come straight down no questions asked on that one.
They did in the end keep me there over night since my room was ready for me anyway.

Baby was fine by the way.

When i went down to have the c-sec and they were cutting through the first layer everything was fine, then trouble started dr touched next bit with his finger and the whole lot split (they kept there cool cause i didn't know anything was wrong at all till afterwards i had c-sec by epidural and was awake) so if i had have gone to have a natural labour like i wanted to i would have been in trouble cause my scar would not have held.

I was very lucky.

Then even more trouble started.

When i went home (day 4) everything was great until the health nurse who comes to the house (day 6) to take out the staples that were holding me together, instead of butting the skin up against each other like normal the dr had over laped it and it hadn't knitted hence it had not healed and was now open, much to my dismay the health nurse also did not get upset and let me know how bad it was but she put butterfly clips on it dressed it well and said what's your drs number (gp) and rang them for me they were expecting me in 10 mins

i spent 8 wks going to the dr every 2 days so it could be dressed i got an infection that i had to stop feeding for 2 weeks cause of the antibiotics.

But now everything is good she is 2 and i'm expecting num 3 they are not giving me a choice on having this c-sec (different dr as i refused to go back to last one) and am on restriction not to lift anything including the 2yr old (who don't understand).

I hope i haven't upset you but telling you this and for the fact that it's so long but i am going to have another one and i'm not worried about it so you shouldn't be as long as we all get a healthy baby out of it in the end.

Thanks Jenny
I had an emergency c-sect so it was quite frightening sad BUT it was painless, a bit uncomfortable during but painless after aswell. Unfortunately I had a reaction to the spinal and was constantly vomiting while my daughter was being born and then my heart went erratic so i was put under sad

If i didnt have the reaction to the spinal that i did it would of been perfect apart from the fear but you have that regardless i think!
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