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had a 1st ceasar, can choose to have another or vbac Lock Rss

I am due 14 june.

my two children will be around 15-16 months apart

I had my first c-section was due to my waters been black as baby had pooed, nothing was happening and i wasnt dialiting properly and with all the drugs given baby went into distress and heartbeat was dropping fast.
so off we went for emergency c-section.

saw the ob, she said try for the vbac, but i have been doing some reading and i heard that a tear is more likely if under two years etc, so am really worried as there is only 15-16 months this might happen, and also scared of haivng another big bub and having to go thought the whole ordeal all over again with history repeating it self.

has anyone had a tear, or would be intrested in sharing your experiences with me please?

thanks so much in advance

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I had twins via c/section and 10 years later I gave birth vbac to a little girl.. they suggested for me to have another c/section but I was determined to do it natually..
All they did was monitor me the whole time, so I wasn't allowed to get up and move around as they had to watch the scar..
All went very very well, no drugs, no tears..
So if you are determinded to go natural go for it.. it is the best experience you will have..
It hurts for a little bit but is soon forgotten once you are holding your bundle of joy..
Good luck xo


Hi Savannah,

DS#1 was emergency C-section due to foetal distress, I had the most horrific first birth. I also had two post birth infections in my scar, I still had an open wound 9 weeks after I gave birth. It was just horrible.

When I got pregnant with DS#2, I was so determined not to have another C section.
I opted for a VBAC. I was successful.
Yes, I got 2nd degree tearing - due to the emergency use of forceps, as baby's heartbeat dropped and they had to get baby out.
Honestly the risk of tearing on the c section scar is only 1% more than what it would be for any other second time birthing mum.
It's actually more dangerous to have major abdo surgery - C section.

With having had a C section for your first you are very closely montiored for any risk of scar tearing...

There was supposed to be 17 months between them, but it ended up being 16 months, as DS#2 arrived 3.5 weeks early.

Good luck
my vote: VBAC

I going to ask the doctor at the hospital if i can do a natural normal birth.
I had to have c-section for bub since he had a big head and i got a small pelvis. So i would like to be able to push this baby out.

I going to ask the doctor at the hospital if i can do a natural normal birth.

you don't have to ask permission wink
my girlfriend had a go doing a natural after a c section.... but do it at a base hospital incase you need a c section..... she did because too much pressure on her scar....

I would give it a go.... you have got nothing to lose.... if it doesn't go well they will wip you in for a c section.... you are prepared either way... go for it.... I would have but my daugter needed an op after she was born and wasn't allowed to come out naturally because of her head... but in my
I would VBAC.
Chances of Uterine rupture are low, and they will monitor.
The majority of caregivers will VBAC unless its an unacceptable risk.
Im personally travelling 400km to have a natural birth, as the regional hospital wont do it, being high risk.

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