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What is the worst thing PHYSICALLY Lock Rss

After a c section what happens to your body? Does your stomach go down in the same amount of time as a vaginal birth?
Does your stomach go back to it's original shape or do you never get that flat stomach back because you've been cut open?
You know, things like that.......

I have heard that your stomach is better and goes flatter quicker after a c-sect. I of course only have one child so have nothing to compare it to but im a bigger person anyway and after DD was born i had no time to cook and ate nothing but crap so nothing has changed yet lol!!
I didn't feel anything. Not a thing. People could not believe I had major abdominal surgery and never felt a single twinge!
Physically for me the worst thing was the exhaustion after labouring for so long and then having to go through that as well and then i didnt sleep in the hospital really either so i was just exhausted and only caught up on the sleep once DD was 2! All more than worth it though smile
mine seemed to go flatter sooner (not that it was ever flat but i still looked about 4 months preg after my natural birth, but within a few days of my c-section it was almost back to normal).

but that could have been because i did a teeny bit better with breastfeeding the second time around.

i only ended up bf for 2 weeks though, due to supply issues.

now after 6 months, my belly is still looking a bit gross. i have that horrible looking apron near my c-section scar. i haven't been able to get back into regular pants because i find it hard to get into them with the apron lol but i am doing weight watchers so hopefully once i lose a bit more weight i will get out of my maternity pants at long last.

After a c section what happens to your body? Does your stomach go down in the same amount of time as a vaginal birth?
Does your stomach go back to it's original shape or do you never get that flat stomach back because you've been cut open?
You know, things like that.......

My first was a vaginal, almost got back to pre pregnancy weight without much effort and my stomach was not so bad. Bounced back fairly quickly.

My second was a caesar... still looked full term 2 weeks later... body hasnt been the same since.

Worst thing physically about it, the absolute agony after the birth when the drugs had worn off and couldnt move, couldnt pick up my baby, couldnt do a thing without immense pain. Also had really bad emotional reaction and lows following the birth, unlike DD1 - I was euphoric following her birth. I'd take a "natural" birth over a caesar any day...not that I had a choice but in an ideal world... smile
My understanding is that your tummy goes back faster after a natural birth because you are naturally releasing the hormone that shrinks the uterus back into place. With a C-Sect, they normally give you an injection of the hormone to make it shrink again.
Then if you bf, it goes even more as the hormone continues to work, some of my friends say that they could feel their uterus shrinking when they first started bf.
The worst thing about the c-sect for me was lack of mobility and how uncomfortable it can be as you need to protect the scar every time you move. You have to be careful rolling out of bed, on the stairs etc.
I also felt pretty bad and tired as I also had 15 - 16 hours of natural labour beforehand.
I am elective c-sect this time (first scar apparently hasn't healed enough), so I'm looking forward to (hopefully) feeling better, quicker.
BTW, my stomach never went back (yet), but it's probably related to diet/ exercise etc.
its like a pouch of fat/skin that hangs down, quite disgusting! I have mine still and plan on a tummy tuck once im finished having kiddies and lose weight its unsightly!
I've only had 1 DS and it was an emergency caesarean so i was asleep totally and have nothing to compare it to. I woke up and my stomache was almost flat where as my sister and sister in law that both gave birth naturally within 5 weeks of me still had a belly. I lost 18kg within 1st 2 weeks without trying or BF but i did put on 26kgs whilst pregnant. I never had any problems with my scar besides not healing properly and being taped up with steri strips. I couldn't understand how ppl couldn't do things or what not the only thing i refused to do was hang washing due to chance my scar reopening but i had no pain and everything else i did normally once i was out of hospital and even in hospital was walking next morning the nurses made me sit in a wheelchair to visit my son who was in ICN.

Like when the people on the biggest loser have the fat on their stomach fold over at the hips at the front?but Instead of fat it's skin after a c section?

Yeah exactly like that...except mine wasnt just skin there was belly there too lol
The worst part was the pain the next day when DH removed the dressing from the stitches (yes I was still in hospital but the nurse asked DH to do it). Direct morphine shot did nothing!!!

Other than that, when I thought things were better & then went to lift a washing basket or change the bed sheets - I knew all about it then.

Having said that, it is so different for everyone.
My first C-section was after a day of labour and it was an emergency. it took me a good 6 weeks to recover from it and I couldn't do heaps of things during that time. We lived in a town house at the time and climbing the stairs was a killer. After my first birth/c-section I did get my flat tummy back. It did breast feed for 12 months and I think I lost more weight then before I got pregnant.

My 2nd c-section was a planned one due to complication with my first. It was sooooooooooo much easier and was all over within an hour and I was able to get up and walk about 15 hours afterwards. I also recovered quicker and about a week after I was actually in DD's nursery putting up the boarder (wallpaper strip) that just didn't get done before her birth until DH figured out what I was up to and went nuts. I still have a bit of a bump on my tummy, just looks like I am a bit bloated. I am also have about 3 to 5kg to get back to my pre baby weight so it might just be that.
I had a c-section, my first, and it really dupends on how big your belly was/is too how big you are yourself.

I am a very tiny person (the largest ive been is 51kg) and my bump was huge for my size but too others i only looked 20 weeks if that.
My belly went an hour after I had it and i was in no pain or anything, even after the drugs wore off.

With the scar, its tiny and below your bikini line, so you cant even tell whats happened.

My tummy was back to normal shape within the week. I think it probably has more to do with the tone of the person than the procedure itself??

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

Yep, my tummy went back to normal quite quickly. However I had major post-operative bruising across my stomach and down my thighs. The midwives kept coming in and checking it, saying I have "sensitive skin" and not to get a face-lift blink . When I first saw the scar I thought "OMG that's hideous" but it healed quickly. When I went home and sat in a warm bath it felt so much better. I felt so stiff - it was really annoying more than anything else.
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