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Should I go private for VBAC? Lock Rss

OK so I'm not pregnant again yet but I wanna know what you ladies think. I had emergency C-section for DS as he was posterior, too big and distressed. I was told next time I may still be able to have naturally if in right position etc.

We want to TTC #2 in May next year but I'm wondering whether we should get private health insurance and go to a private hospital. I REALLY want to try VBAC but even if I can't I'd like to go into labour naturally before C-section. Would a private hospital be more likely to listen to my wishes than a public hospital?

I've also heard there's quite strict criteria for VBAC...does anyone know what these are?


I don't know how different public and private hospitals are, I had health insurance but went to a public hospital - i got to have my own obstetrician.
With my first baby I had an em caesar, and then VBACs with my next two. I think the strict criteria depends on the obstetrician, I had different obstetricians with my 2nd and 3rd babies - with my 2nd baby the ob was happy for me to move around a lot, and just have a portable monitor on my belly after every 2nd contraction to check the baby's heartbeat. But with my 3rd baby, the different doctor wanted me hooked up to a CTG (??) machine constantly once my labour was "in full swing" (so when I could barely walk anyway).
I guess you'll have to discuss it with doctors when the time comes.
In my opinion it is up to you. My personal experience has been: My private OB WOULD NOT let me try VBAC but I have a new OB now who, had I been to him for my 2nd child, would have allowed me to try. Very frustrating. It is completely up to your OB. I would recommend looking into a private midwife or doula who can go with you for support if you do try VBAC and what ever way you go, public or private, stick to your gut instincts - if you think you can VBAC go for it; but if you think that maybe it's not right for you have another C-sect. As someone who was denied a trial by scar I would definitely say I wish I could go back in time. I feel robbed as I have never had a 'go' at a natural birth as DD was emergency c-sect.

My midwife said you have more chance of a vbac in a public hospital. i think you need to ask for the stats to see. if you want to go private be upfront and honest while choosing an ob. listen to what they say. if they say something like "we will let you try," you probably won't get one. you dont want an ob that will let you have a go - because that means they don't have the confidence that it is the right thing. This also means at the first sign of something not being textbook - you will be up on that table in a flash!
You need an ob that fully supports vbac. The only way to find that out is to talk with them about their opinions on it and ask for their vbac statistics. you could also look at ahomebirth with an experienced independant midwife. (who amazingly enough have much better rates of vbac then
It all depends on your ob so do your research and find out which private OBs do VBACs. I have seen the same private OBs for both my kids and had a VBAC with them. I do know these obs do a lot of VBACs and are very supportive of them if it's safe. Only criteria was I had to go into labourcby myself or they would break my waters, they can't induce though with drugs and that labour had to be progressing along or it would be another cs. Luckily all went to plan for me and I had a VBAC. What state are you in? I can let you know who I saw smile
Thanks everyone for your replies. With the cost of private health insurance I really want to make sure I've done my research before we commit that kind of money. DZMum I'm in Vic, where abouts are you?

There is a VBAC unit at one of our local public hospitals. There is also a pre-pregnancy open night at the private hospital we like in a few weeks where you can check it out and meet the OB they have on staff. I will check out both places I think.

I'm not brave enough for a homebirth and don't think it would be right for me, but thank you very much for the suggestion OC1246.

Sounds like a good idea to check out your local hospitals public and private smile

Im in WA which is a shame I could have referred you to my wonderful OBs. I did chiro while pregnant to help keep me in alignment so maybe give that a go?

Good luck, I hope you get your VBAC!
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