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Booked in for a c-section Lock Rss

So i had an antenatal appointment yesterday and they are a little concerned about the size of bubby she is measuring in the 97th percentile already looking like over 4kgs, i know scans can be out but since my DS was 4.45kg we are fairly sure they wouldnt be too far off with her size. They advised me that it would be wise for me to consider a c-section as i suffered shoulder dystocia with DS and as she is looking bigger i have had to weigh up the pros and cons of trying a natural delivery. I have chosen the c-section as i would never forgive myself if something happened but it is just so hard as i never wanted one and was so against them i just keep trying to tell myself it the safest option and it will all be fine. So if anyone has any advice about c-sections it would be greatly appreciated as may help me feel better about it all... Oh im booked in for the 17th Feb so next thursday...
Hi there. I take it from the date that you have already welcomed your' little one...Congrats and I hope that everything went well...Sometimes birth plans don't go to plan-so to speak -but there is really only the same outcome at the end of the birthing process whether it be a C section or Vaginal birth (I have had both) and that is a healthy Mama and baby...and hope willing a good experience too...All the best (-:
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